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Get Free Cars for Cancer Patients From Government

Get Free Cars for Cancer Patients From Government

This is my complete guide to Get Free Cars for Cancer Patients From Government.

A cancer patient’s life is not easy. They have to struggle for life every day by fighting the odds. They are on constant medications, which ruins their overall experience of life. Moreover, the damage it causes to their mental health often goes unnoticed. In addition to all this, the cost of cancer treatment is exorbitant.

If the household has a limited income, it becomes very difficult to manage other expenses. Even daily medications for cancer patients are unaffordable in this country. Therefore, it often becomes tedious to manage savings when there is a cancer patient at home.

There are many organizations and charities in this country that understand the pain cancer patient and their families go through. They understand how difficult it is for families to cope with the stress of a family member suffering so much, along with the financial crunches they have to face due to their treatment.

This is why they often come up with schemes and programs that help cancer patients in some form. This includes financial help, help in the shelter, medical help, and transportation help. In this article, we are going to talk about transportation help in form of free cars for cancer patients.

Cars are no more a luxury item that only the rich are allowed to possess. It has become a necessity in this fast-moving world. Due to long distances, busy schedules, and high transportation costs, cars have become a convenient mode of transport for both rich and poor alike. However, sometimes buying a car can be expensive.

It does not come very cheap, and usually, even after discounts are offered by the companies, the value remains high. In such cases, it is necessary to get help from the government and charities to allow yourself to purchase a car.

Suppose you have kids at home, you might need a car for dropping them to school. If you have old people at home, the car is required to take them to their appointments and health checkups. If you have a sick person at home, the car becomes extremely important since in such cases, appointments and doctor visits are more frequent than usual.

So, a car is not just for travelling to and from work. It is used for a variety of reasons, and it has become a necessity of life along with food, shelter, and clothing.

With the help of a free used car for cancer patient, you can go to hospitals, clinics, and events and take them where they want. Even in times of emergency, you don’t have to rely on the uncertainty of public transport if you have a car. This is why having cars for cancer patients is always a good idea.

However, as we highlighted earlier, getting cars is not a cheap bargain. It becomes difficult to buy it when the family is already facing financial stress due to medications and the treatment of cancer. In such cases, people must look for charities and organizations that offer free cars for cancer patients.

In this article, we are going to talk about different programs that offer free help for cancer patients in form of a car. We are going to explain the eligibility criteria associated with these programs as well. In the end, we are also going to answer some frequently asked questions that can help clear away some doubts.

Free Cars for Cancer Patients

Free Cars for Cancer Patients

There are many international and local charities and programs such as the American cancer society which offers cars to cancer patients. they don’t buy cars, but simply give away the cars donated to them.

They receive donated cars for cancer patients and repair them to transfer them to patients in need. Some local charitable trusts also offer cheap cars for cancer patients. Anyone can apply for these programs and fulfil the eligibility criteria as required to get a free car or a car at a discounted price.

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Organizations That Provide Free Cars for Cancer Patients

Organizations That Provide Free Cars for Cancer Patients

As we mentioned earlier, there are many charities and organizations that care for you. They understand the mental and physical agony that you are going through. This is why they have brought several programs targeting only cancer patients. We are naming some of the organizations here for you to look out for.

Note that some of these organizations do not particularly offer cheap cars for cancer patients. Instead, they receive donations of cars and sell them to use the proceeds in their charity work. So if you are looking for organizations that can take your donation, this list will be helpful as well.

  1. United Breast Cancer Foundation Car Donation – This is an organization that accepts donated cars for cancer patients. If you are in need of free cars, you can visit them and check out their program. They receive all types of cars including pickup trucks, SUVs, etc from donors, and then repair them. The organization provides assistance to breast cancer men and women by providing them with medical assistance, food, shelter, etc. Moreover, their car donation program allows you to save your tax also. So you don’t have to worry about losing money there. You can visit their website to know more about their process.
United Breast Cancer Foundation Car Donation

2. Middleton Ford – Middleton Ford has partnered up with various local charities to provide free transportation services to the needy, especially cancer patients. They also run other charity programs which include providing financial grants to patients suffering from cancer. They continuously look for ways to give back to the society that has made them one of the largest automobile companies on the planet. They can offer you transportation services.  You can also donate cars for cancer patients here.

Middleton Ford

3. American Breast Cancer Foundation – The American breast care foundation targets women and men who are suffering from breast car. It is devoted to providing education, financial help and other sorts of grants to patients to enable them to live a better and healthier life. It also provides free cars for breast cancer patients. Anyone can come and donate their used vehicle to the organization which in turn can be used to either transport patients from one place to another or to gift them as per their needs.

American Breast Cancer Foundation

4. Cars Fighting Cancer – Cars fighting cancer is an organization that offers free used car for cancer patient. You can donate cars for cancer patients in this organization. They will come and arrange for the pickup. Your donated car will help make a difference in the lives of several cancer patients. It will be helpful to donate them, as they will then be sold at the highest possible value. Later on, these proceeds are used to bring changes in the lives of cancer patients. If possible, they also offer cars to cancer patients without selling them in the market.

Cars Fighting Cancer

5. Cars for a Cure – Cars for a cure is also a charitable organization, that takes donated cars for cancer patients. It receives car donations and sells them into the market to fund its programs. These include education, medical expenses and services offered to cancer patients. They can also provide you with a free car if requested. They arrange the pickup themselves. Their proceeds are used for cancer research and advocacy programs as well. If you are looking to donate cars, this may be a good start for you.

6. Car Donations 4 Cancer – It is an organization that does campaigns for victims of breast cancer. It also runs a breast cancer car donation program. If you are looking for an organization that can take your car, this may be the one. It is a trusted charity. They have an application portal, which once submitted will take the process forward. They will visit your location and see the car you wish to donate. All the donors receive tax benefits in return for the car they donate.

Car Donations 4 Cancer

7. Komen Cars

Komen Cars

8. Cars2charities


9. Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

10. American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society

Other Financial Help for Cancer Patients

Other Financial Help for Cancer Patients

Apart from getting a car, there are other areas where cancer patients require assistance as well. One of the major aids required is money. So there are charities that provide financial assistance to cancer patients. These also include government grants. We are going to list some of them here for you.

Healthcare Hospitality Network 

Healthcare Hospitality Network 

This is an association of more than 200 non-profit organizations that offer assistance to cancer patients and their families. They intend to upgrade the standard of living conditions of families with cancer patients and provide some medical and financial support to them. St Jude’s children’s research hospital, American cancer society etc are all a part of this association.

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Most of the services offered by them are free of cost, or very cheap. You can visit them if you need help in procuring cheap medicines or treatment for cancer patients at your home.

Medical Assistance Tool:

Medical Assistance Tool:

The medical assistance tool is a search engine created by Pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of America. It is commonly known as PhRMA. With the help of this search engine, patients, doctors, and care providers can access information on programs for cancer. It provides customized and personalized results and offers great help to people who are looking for sources to get cheap medical assistance for their family members.


Samfund provides medical asssitance to young cancer patients. Many young people are now getting cancer, which can lead to a major financial crisis as they have little support and savings. It can also hinder their income since they are usually the earning members of a family. Therefore, samfund aims to provide financial assistance to such young cancer patients and help them lead dignified life.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

LIHEAP is not a program meant specifically for cancer patients, however, it is still very helpful in providing financial assistance to those who need it. It is managed by the Health and human services department of the US government and provides assistance to low-income households in managing their energy consumption. If you belong to a low-income household and have a cancer patient, you can also apply to this program to help cut down your energy expenditures and divert them towards cancer care and treatment.

Army Emergency Relief 

Army emergency relief is a tax-exempted nonprofit for army veterans. It offers a variety of services including loans, scholarships, grants etc. People who receive such grants can use them for multiple purposes, including medical treatment. If you have a cancer patient at home who belonged to the army, they may be able to get the grant very easily. All you have to do is apply to them and explain your problems. They will make sure they give out any form of financial assistance they can.

Army Emergency Relief

Good Days 

It is a non-profit organization that works in providing financial aid to cancer patients in the country. They include all types of services including diagnostic, medical etc. They also have a premium assistance program under which patients can get help for paying medical insurance premiums, which is a very crucial factor in cancer treatment. They can cover the patient’s cost along with the cost of any other family member as well.

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Steps to Get a Free Car for Cancer Patients:

Steps to Get a Free Car for Cancer Patients

Usually, you will find a  lot of information on the internet about free cars for cancer patients. There are many organizations that work towards the same. The main task is to filter them out, check their authenticity and research the types of services they offer. Therefore, it becomes important to follow some steps while doing this to increase your chances of getting free cars legally for the needy.

  1. Do thorough research on all types of programs that are available for a free used car for cancer patients. Chose the ones that are available in your region so that travelling there is not difficult. Look through the requirements of the organization, and see whether you fit into it. You can also ask your local charity for obtaining more information on the same.
  2. After researching, the next step is to finalise the ones where you would want to apply. Choose only those who use raised cancer care car as a part of their programs. Make sure they are a 501(c)(3) organization.
  3. Contact all the organizations that are shortlisted by you. Email them or visit them personally to know more about the procedures followed by them.
  4. Apply to the organizations according to their set format. Be prepared with all the documents required.

Here are some of the most common eligibility criteria for charity programs. These criteria may differ from charity to charity. Moreover, government grants have stricter and more requirements than private services. They may also require your enrollment in other federal programs such as Medicaid etc. The ones described below are common across all organizations to get free cars for cancer patients.

  1. The patient must be a citizen of the US.
  2. He must have income below a certain level. Or, the family must have their income below a certain prescribed level.
  3. Medical documents and prescriptions need to be shown.
  4. A valid driving license should be present.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have covered up every other aspect related to breast cancer car donation and free help for cancer patients we are going to answer some frequently asked questions in the matter.

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Is There Any Tax Benefit for Donation?

Yes, there is a fantastic tax benefit which every donor is entitled to receive if he or she decides to donate their car to a non-profit for any social purpose. If the value of the car donated is less than $500, then you will get a donation receipt to get tax benefits.

If the value is more than $500 then you will have to fill up the 1098 IRS form which will allow you to cancel the donated car’s value from the income tax return next year. Therefore, you will gain from donating a car for cancer patients.

How Can a Donated Car Help Cancer Patients?

Well, there are two ways through which our donated car can help cancer patients. One, it can be directly given to a cancer patient or his family. It can be used for medical purposes, treatment, and other chores of their household.

This will help them save expenses on a car. Secondly, donating to non-profits can also allow them to sell the car at the highest value, the proceeds of which will then go towards their treatment, research and grants. No matter what, donating a car to a charity working for cancer patients is always a good idea. It will never go to waste.

What Are the Conditions for a Car to Be Donated?

There is no specific set of conditions required for you to donate a car. All you need s a healthy car, which is safe and ready to be sold again. If you have a car that you are not using, and don’t intend to use as well in the future, you can consider donating it to a charity nearby for cancer patients.

That car then is used for their treatment or simply donated further to their families. You just have to fill out their application form and wait for the car to be picked up from your doorstep.

Can I Give My Car Directly to a Cancer Patient?

Yes, of course, you can. The process of this will be different, and you will not be allowed to deduct tax benefits under the non-profit scheme in this donation.

However, if you are not looking for any financial gain, and just want to help a cancer patient, you can directly donate your car to them. This will also prevent them from making any attempts or struggles to find one from a charity. If you know someone who is suffering from breast cancer or any other type of cancer who is in need of a car, you can always consider donating your old car to them.

What If the Car I Donate Undergoes an Accident or Any Other Damage?

You don’t have to worry about this. Once you donate a car, the title changes from your name to the name of the charity that you have donated it. This transfer of title will absolve you from any liability occurring in the future, once it takes place.

So if an accident happens, you will not have to pay anything or be liable for it. However, this does not mean that you are entitled to give bad-quality cars with no safety to charities. You should always give away the car which is in a good condition.

What Kinds of Cars Can I Donate to Charities?

There is absolutely no condition attached to donating your car apart from the fact that it should be in good health, and safe to drive. You can donate trucks, SUVs, small cars, or anything you have.

They will be sold in the market at the highest price or will be donated to cancer patients, as the need arises. Usually, there is no requirement for a single type of car to be donated from any non-profit organization.

The Article Comes to an End

We have tried to cover up everything which needs to be covered in free help for cancer patients. We have included organizations that take car donations, and give free cars to cancer patients.

We have also listed the organizations that provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families. This also includes government grants. We have also doted upon the eligibility criteria, and steps you must take while you are searching for a free car online.

The next step is to fill out the application form of the chosen charity and go there to avail of the benefits granted to you. We all understand how tiring and draining it is to fight cancer every day, especially when the financial condition of the family is not good. This is why there are many organizations present to help you out in this battle.

We hope you emerge victorious in the end, and lead a happy and fulfilling life with your loved ones. There is nothing to worry about here, the country is with you.

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