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Get Free Charity Cars for Disabled: Guide and How to Apply

Get Free Charity Cars for Disabled: Guide and How to Apply

This is my complete guide to Get Free Charity Cars for Disabled Guide and How to Apply.

Cars have become more than a luxury to the working man, they have grown to be a necessity. There is no doubt that cars are an expensive investment and can be harder to afford for certain groups that are not as financially stable. These groups include but are not limited to unemployed people, veterans, single mothers, disabled people, etc.

Many organizations recognize this gaping financial trench between these groups of people and their needs and try to bridge it with various schemes and programs. Some of these programs also provide free charity cars for disabled as well as issue disabled grants for vehicles, which have been discussed in depth in this article along with various other ways to obtain free cars for disabled veterans.

Introduction: Get Free Charity Cars for Disabled


No, you did not read that wrong, it is indeed possible to obtain disabled grants for vehicles or to even get free cars for disabled seniors. These grants and free cars for disabled are given out by many organizations, both government and non-government non-profit organizations, and even a few catholic and religious charities give out free cars for disabled veterans, senior citizens, etc.

These Organizations work towards helping the needy, not just in their basic utilities like food, water, and gas but also live altering commodities like houses, vehicles like cars, etc.

A free charity car for disabled can change a life as a car can make a huge impact on one’s life, especially in the life of a person who is juggling numerous jobs to make ends meet. Even these jobs that are not well-paying or accommodative to the routine needs of one’s life are harder to come by for disabled people.

Even though the first image of a disabled person in many people’s minds is someone in a wheelchair, irrespective of being true is incomplete. Most organizations describe a disabled person as someone who ensures a physical or mental impairment that substantially restricts one’s life activities.

There are a huge fraction of said disabled people who cannot work due to their condition but it still leaves out a huge group of people who are working every day to get by comfortably while taking care of their disability and securing a quality future.

Programs that provide free cars for people with disabilities or give out disability grants for vehicles focus on the working class of disabled people so that their condition does not pull them back from their opportunities. Various other initiatives also provide for the non-working disabled people as well.

Some institutes also help to get cars for disabled drivers to ensure that their inability to work, caused by their state, deprives them of the help they deserve.

This article takes a deep dive into the various organizations that provide free cars for people with disabilities, disability grants for vehicles, more streamlined programs that just focus on certain groups that need these resources most like schemes of free cars for disabled seniors or programs focusing on free cars for disabled veterans, how to donate car for disabled person, the need for these programs and much more.

Need of Free Cars for People with Disabilities

Need of Free Cars for People with Disabilities

Before we dive into the various way to get free vehicles for disabled, let’s take a look into the need for the provision of free cars for people with disabilities in the first place. Why do so many governments based as well as non-profit organizations work so hard to provide free vehicles for disabled people even though it’s so expensive?

Twenty-six percent or one out of four adults in the United States live with a disability. It is no surprise that disability and poverty go hand-in-hand for all races and ethnic groups in The U.S. Getting jobs is difficult for disabled people which automatically gives them a financial setback.

There are numerous government and non-government non-profits that have various schemes and programs ranging from help to getting houses, cheaper food and gas, as well as the provision of free cars for the disabled. These programs are meant to help the disabled mass of The U.S. but are competitive and subject to malpractices which don’t ensure that these resources are provided to every disabled citizen who needs them, that is why disabled employment should be encouraged as it reduces the dependency that these people have on government and charity programs.

Many disabled people end up doing multiple jobs to just making ends meet but their total earnings are nowhere close to being able to afford a car.

This is where a free vehicle for disabled makes all the difference. Easy and independent transportation in addition to this being a cheaper resort, free vehicles for disabled people who work also help them with additional routine tasks like grocery runs, visits to the hospital for regular doctor appointments as well as emergencies.

Many disabled people are able to afford a permanent or part-time caretaker who drives them to appointments and jobs if there are any. Many others have family members taking care of their transportation needs but not all disabled people are able to have another human being next to them, assisting them with all their needs throughout the hours of the day.

There is always public transport, but many disabled people choose not to or avoid using public modes of transport because it makes them uncomfortable.

Additionally, the costs of public transport being used at every minor step of the day, accumulated over time, become financially more difficult to keep up with rather than using one’s own vehicle. Free cars for people with disabilities have the potential to change lives.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Car for People with Disabilities

Eligibility Criteria for Free Car for People with Disabilities

There are various organizations, both government and non-government charity based, that provide free vehicles for disabled and each program has a detailed eligibility criteria that need to be backed up with necessary documentation.

Even though the eligibility criteria for each of these programs providing free car for people with disabilities may vary a little bit, they broadly require the same kind of documentation which has been discussed in detail below.

Your chances of getting free charity cars for disabled are comparatively more if you have the general knowledge and understanding of the car you are looking for and its functions. For a person with a disability who has not worked for a prolonged period of time and has minimal to no sure source of income, it is harder to get qualified for the free car, but it is not impossible.

One should screen through all the programs and apply to the programs providing free charity cars for disabled where we are most likely to fulfil the eligibility. It is advised to fill the applications of all these programs providing a free car for people with disabilities to maximize the chances of actually getting chosen to receive one.

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If you can drive the car, have enough knowledge about the insurance as well as license and registration, you are closer to actually acquiring a car as you are seen fit to take care of it as you have the needed knowledge to maintain it and keep it up to date in terms of registration and other forms of documentation.

Now let’s take a look into the particulars of the eligibility criteria which are broadly similar in all programs that provide free car for people with disabilities. They are the following:

  1. Let’s start with the obvious, you need to be suffering from a disability which has been proved medically and has official paperwork to support your claim in order to get your hands on one of the free vehicles for the disabled.
  2. In order to get one of the free cars for people with disabilities, most organizations require the applicant to have a legal driving license under their name.
  3. A detailed income status and how buying a car is not an option in your life needs to be proved by proper documentation to ensure that you really are the neediest and most deserving candidate to get one of the free cars for people with disabilities.
  4. Many organizations have a personal detailed answer where they ask you to fill in the reason why you are applying for their free vehicles for the disabled, why you need them as well as the impact it will have if you are chosen for the same. It is best to be as detailed as it gets in this section to ensure that these organizations understand your situation best.

These requirements should be filled up with utmost care and precision. Before you start applying for free vehicles for disabled from any organization, government-based or otherwise, open up their official website and go through all the provided information, their particular eligibility criteria as well as the terms and conditions to ensure you are taking a well-educated step towards your application.

It should be kept in mind that the eligibility criteria for government programs that help people get free vehicles for disabled also vary from state to state, that is why one should always look up the program you are applying to.

Now let’s take a look into the many ways that one can take to obtain free charity cars for disabled people:

Regularly Check Government Websites to Look for Programs

Regularly Check Government Websites to Look for Programs

The government tries to help the needy citizens of the country in all ways they can and is needed. These programs include the provision of food stamps, free phones, free gas as well as free vehicles for disabled people.

The government has an annual budget from which it tries to spend a decided amount of money to help needy groups of people that include low-income families, veterans, unemployed people, etc. which also include disabled citizens.

In order to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities provided, one should regularly go through the official websites of government programs that provide help to the disabled masses. Go through all the particulars of the program and check if you fulfil the eligibilities, fill out the form and wait for a response. If not, keep looking and you are bound to find a program that is going to help you.

Various government departments deal with various benefits and help provided for disabled people. Your chances of getting selected for a program giving out free cars for disabled if you fulfil an additional checkbox, meaning if you are a veteran or senior citizen as there are many organizations and programs that focus on just providing resources for these groups as they think they need their help the most.

Free cars for disabled veterans are provided by the department of veteran affairs and generally require you to explain the current situation of your life and how it has been affected or disabled due to your participation in war and why you need a car in your life as well as the reason you are unable to afford one.

Similarly, there are also focus groups that work on providing free cars for disabled seniors, single moms, etc.

Charity Organizations and Non-Profit Institutes

Charity Organizations and Non-Profit Institutes

Charity is defined as an organization that has been set up to provide all forms of aid in addition to raising money for people in need. The focus of these organizations is to not earn any money or profits but to help people. Charities are generally focused on a particular cause. There are several charity organizations that solely focus on providing free charity cars for disabled.

These organizations work on limited funds collected through donations either in the form of money or vehicles as well. They understand the need of a car in one’s life irrespective of it being an expensive asset. They see a car as a means of easy accessibility to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, etc.

Many rich people even donate to these charities and non-profits as they help them to get tax deductions and incentives. There are many organizations run for the needs of disabled people. Some extremely popular organizations that identify as charities and provide free charity cars for disabled are 800 charity and free charity cars, etc.

There are also many non-profit organizations that are similar in function and aim to charities that also provide free cars for disabled. These non-profits also share the same school of thought when it comes to the need for cars in disabled people’s lives. One such non-profit institute is the National Council on Independent Living.

A few nonprofits that provide free charity cars for disabled, directly connect the people donating the cars to the disabled people who need them. Some of these organizations also provide disability grants for vehicles as well as free gas cards and coupons.

Let us take an in-depth look into some of these charities and non-profit organizations that provide disability grants for vehicles and free charity cars for disabled:



This is a non-profit organization that is working towards providing transportation services to the citizens of The United States of America who need it the most.

This organization works as a hotline and tries to provide emergency transport to the needy which also include disabled masses. They also have a provision for free charity cars for disabled people, it mainly focuses on immediate transportation services. You can easily get in touch with them and understand their aim, application process, selection rate, etc.

Free Charity Cars

Free Charity Cars

Free Charity Cars is a charity that solely focuses on providing free and affordable cars to people who deserve them the most. These needy groups include but are not limited to senior citizens, unemployed, disabled people, etc. Free Charity Cars was established in 1996.

Their help, including free charity cars for disabled, is limited to the citizens of The United States of America. Over the years, they have provided over 4700 vehicles all over the world.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International also known as Habitat is a U.S. non-government non profit organization. Founded in 1976, Habitat for humanity is one of the most successful charities that provide free vehicles for disabled as well as other needy groups that include unemployed groups, low-income families, senior citizens, etc.

Their initiative Cars For Homes has created a huge impact on the lives of numerous people. Their application process for free charity cars for disabled is fairly easy and can be easily understood through their website. They can be reached through telecommunication or email and all doubts regarding the application for their free charity cars for disabled can be cleared up.

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Donating cars for Habitat for Humanity is a fairly easy process as well.

The free charity cars for disabled provided by them hugely come from donations made by other people which are fixed and touched up. The cars are picked up from the home of the donor and it is a hassle-free process. Let’s take a quick look into the donation process of habitat for humanity.

The donation process of cars and other vehicles for habitat for humanity is incredibly easy and quick. Here is a three-step procedure to donate your car to Habitat for Humanity which can further act as one of the free charity cars for disabled that change lives!

  1. Call 1-877-277-4344 or go to the habitat for humanity donation wizard website, the link can be found on their official website.
  2. Inform them about all your particulars, address, contact information as well as details of your vehicle that you are willing to donate.
  3. Schedule a suitable time for the pick-up of your donated car!

It is advisable to keep all paperwork and documentation of your vehicle handy.

2-1-1 Program

2-1-1 Program

Let us start by saying that the 2-1-1 Program does not give out any free charity cars for disabled. So, why is there a name on this list? 2-1-1 or United Way can help you with your application to all the organizations providing free charity cars for disabled. There are so many organizations with varying eligibility criteria and it can feel extremely overwhelming.

You can dial United Way’s toll-free hotline number i.e., 211 or visit their website. You can reach out to them and they will help you lay out all your options and guide you through the process of applying for getting one of the program’s free vehicles for disabled and help you with any issues that may come your way.

Local Churches

Local Churches

All local churches have a department that focuses on helping the needy and is a must to be looked at while searching for help.

The majority of programs that are run by local churches are small-scale and provide utilities that are required in our day to day lives which include clothing drives, food pantries, etc. But they also keep their funds open for special cases and free charity cars for disabled people who desperately need them fall in this category.

Contact your local church and tell them about your situation in detail and how much you need their help. These churches also work on donations and charities so your need of a car being fulfilled is slim but never zero. If they have funds or donors who are willing to give away their old cars, you will be provided one or else they provide disability grants for vehicles.

Famous Christian charities that run on an international level and also respond to personal needs including free charity cars for disabled are The Salvation Army and The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul. These are huge faith-based charities and also provide disability grants for vehicles as well as free vehicles for disabled.

Local Organizations

These are small scale versions of charities and non-profit organizations and have their aid limited to the area they are located in. They are generally focused on a particular disease or disability and try to ensure that the fighters of these diseases feel a part of the community and provide them with the help they need to overcome the social and economic gaps created by their ill health.

They also have the provision free charity cars for disabled according to their funds. You can find these local organizations and explain to them why you need a car and are not able to afford one.

These local organizations also run with the help of donations and auctions that they organize and if there are the required funds and donations available, they may provide you with one of their disability grants for vehicles and if you are in luck maybe even one of their free cars for disabled.

The terms and conditions, as well as the application process, have been observed to be much simpler than other institutes. Vetmade and Purple Heart Service Foundation are examples of such local organizations.

Social Media

It is no news that social media has taken over the world, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform. There are a lot of groups, especially on Facebook which is a great place to ask for assistance or help.

Most of these groups may not be able to get you free charity cars for disabled on their own but they are a great place to hunt people who are willing to donate their old cars. You may also be able to connect with someone who has been through this process of acquiring one of the said free charity cars for disabled and they can guide you throughout the process and help you avoid mistakes.

You can also connect with nonprofits and NGOs who can help you create online donation facilities where people can chip in money from all around the world. The collected money may not be as much as a disabled grant for vehicles but they reduce a significant burden from the overall sum. You are required to narrate your story and share your needs.

A genuine story told in a heart-felt manner and circulated well is bound to get the attention of many people and collect funds to help you create a difference in your life.

Do not feel shameful while asking for assistance and try your best to not pay attention to online hate during the process. Ensure your plea is modest and ask your friends and family to forward and circulate your donation plea. Try contacting local influencers and celebrities to promote your link and if you are lucky, some may also donate a considerable sum of money during this process.

This method is not the same as receiving one of the program’s free vehicles for disabled, but it is a great way to collect funds to aid your savings if you are looking to buy a car yourself.

Contacting Mechanical Shops

Many local mechanical shops receive used or slightly damaged cars from rich people. You can contact these places and make your case and they might provide you with a second-hand car.

Things to keep in mind while applying for free charity cars for disabled

If you become a recipient of one of the free vehicles for disabled, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. After receiving the car, you need to continue paying taxes and other expenses with respect to the laws set by the government. Another thing to keep in mind is that after acquiring one of the free vehicles for disabled, you can’t donate or sell said vehicle.

If you are disabled driver and have received one of the free vehicles for disabled, try to get a handicap parking permit. It allows you to have better access to the routine locations you visit. In order to get a disabled or handicapped parking permit, you need to fill in an application form that needs to get approved.

This application form can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, commonly known as your DMV and after cross-checking your particulars and the clearance of your health status, you can easily receive the parking permit.

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The Application Process for Free Vehicles for Disabled

The Application Process for Free Vehicles for Disabled

The application process for free charity cars for disabled will vary from each organization like the eligibility but they all are very similar.

Before filling out your applications for free vehicles for disabled, ensure you have the following documents handy: Home proof, a medical certificate that ensures you can drive, a medical newspaper as evidence of your disabled state, your valid driving permit, a written document stating your condition and reason why you are applying for said vehicle, bank details to see your financial condition and your plan using which you will pay for the insurance and maintenance of the car that will be provided to you.

If you are disabled and also fall into one or more of the following categories, your chances of being chosen to receive one of the free vehicles for disabled from various programs is more. Said criteria are as follows: Low-income Household or Person, a victim of domestic violence, resident of the shelter house, a victim of natural disasters, single mother, veteran or part of the veteran family.

Some applications for free charity cars for disabled are lengthier and more detailed than others and require your full documented medical history, insurance documents and cheques, etc. Your bank details and documents show your income and cash flow as well as how much you spend on your basic utilities to ensure that you cannot afford a car yourself.

A few of these organizations that provide free vehicles for disabled need you to visit their official site and make a profile. People post their stories and what they need and the story with the maximum votes is chosen.

The Selection Process for Programs Issuing Free Vehicles for Disabled

The Selection Process for Programs Issuing Free Vehicles for Disabled

All programs share the same goal of providing resources to those who need them the most. A thorough screening of all the applications is done and people with the most need of these free vehicles for disabled are given higher priority.

Why should you donate free vehicles for disabled?

It is human nature to help one another. Disabled people live life with a very big setback and we should do whatever it is in our capacity to help them. If you can donate your old car, get in touch with one of these organizations that provide free charity cars for disabled and they will make sure it becomes one of the life-changing free cars for disabled and lands in the hands of someone who really needs it.

Not everyone can afford to donate their automobiles as free vehicles for disabled, so what can they do? They should share awareness about these programs that are providing free cars for people with disabilities to make sure that maximum disabled people are aware of their opportunities and those who can donate are encouraged to do so.

Even a small financial donation can add up to a significant amount. One should try to pitch in and encourage others to do the same for organizations that take up donations to arrange disabled grants for vehicles.

Organizations and Charities Which Offered Free Cars for Disabled Veterans

Many organizations and non-profit institutes just focus on providing free cars for disabled veterans to ensure that their applications are not subject to competition with the numerous other applications that these programs get.

We have a listed a few ways that one can get free cars for disabled veterans:



On visiting the official website for veterans car donations.org, you will find that there is a small section titled “Vehicles for Vets” on their homepage. This is a program that works like all the others that we have seen right now which offers free charity cars for disabled, the only difference is that they solely focus on providing disabled grants for vehicles as well as affordable and free cars for disabled veterans.



This is yet another initiative that tries to provide free cars for disabled veterans who pass their eligibility criteria. They act as a bridge between donors and disabled vets who need these donated cars the most. They additionally provide transport facilities to those who need it.



Cars For Veterans is another non-profit that provides free cars for disabled veterans. They also help these vets with rent, basic utilities, repair, emergency assistance, etc.



Vecars do not provide free cars for disabled veterans, they do provide donated cars to them for an extremely low price. Additionally, they also provide low-monthly finance for the payment at a zero percent interest rate.

Frequently Asked Questions


Some frequently asked questions about free charity cars for disabled have been answered below:

What to Do to Get a Free Car Disabled USA?

There are various organizations in the U.S., both government as well as non-government non-profit institutes that work towards providing free charity cars for disabled people.

One should have to go through the websites of these organizations or utilize the 2-1-1 hotline program to understand the options that one has after thoroughly understanding the eligibility criteria and starting the application processes.

How Can I Donate a Car to Disabled Person?

Most of the organizations that give out free charity cars for disabled take donations in the form of vehicles.

You can visit the official website of these organizations and you will most definitely find their donation segment, if not find their contact information and inform them that you are looking to donate a car for disabled person.

Are There Organizations That Provide Free Cars for Disabled Veterans?

Veterans can apply to all programs that provide free charity cars for disabled but it should be noted that there are organizations that are working solely for providing free cars for disabled veterans only.

This is done to streamline the number of applicants which ensures that if there is a veteran, who is really in need of a car, his or her application is not lost in the hundreds of applications for general programs providing free charity cars for disabled get and they are provided with the help they deserve.

Examples of said organizations that are focused on providing free cars for disabled veterans are vetcars, carsforveterans, etc.

What Are Disabled Grants for Vehicles?

A grant can be best understood as a sum of money that is provided by an organization for a particular purpose and need not be returned. Disabled grants for vehicles refer to sums of money provided to disabled applicants that act as financial aids in order for them to buy a car.

What Are the Names of Some of the Non-Profit, Non-Government Organizations That Provide Free Charity Cars for Disabled? Are Any of These Faith-Based?

There are many non-profits that try to help the disabled by providing disabled grants for vehicles as well as free cars for people with disabilities. Some of these organizations are Habitat For Humanity, Free Charity Cars, 1800 charity cars, etc.

Many local churches also provide free charity cars for disabled, if their funds and donations enable it. Some international faith-based charities also take part in the provision of free cars for people with disabilities which include The Salvation Army, St Vincent De Paul, etc.

The Article Comes to an End

Over the years, cars have become an indispensable component of our lives irrespective of being a high-end ‘luxury’. Having a car makes one’s life so much easier, especially in the case of disabled people as it gives them a lot of independence.

Sadly, having a disability provides a lot of setbacks in a person’s day-to-day activities. Employment opportunities, expenses, lifestyle, etc. are deeply affected by a disability and that is why many disabled people are unable to afford a vehicle which further hampers their opportunities in our competitive world.

The government as well as many non-profit and local organizations recognize this issue and have started programs that provide free charity cars for disabled and issue disabled grants for vehicles. All these programs share the common aim of trying to help the disabled by overcoming the impact of their handicap that is evident in their life.

The application process for these free charity cars for disabled is kept simple and easy to fill out to ensure that people can fill them up with ease. Most of these nonprofits that provide vehicles for people with disabilities run on the donations that they get and that is why the chances of having funds to provide cars to every applicant are next to impossible.

So, one should apply to all programs one passes the eligibility for and hope for the best. There are also programs and organizations that focus on certain groups of disabled people and just provide free cars for disabled veterans, seniors, etc.

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