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Free Cars for Veterans & Disabled Veterans – Complete Info

Free Cars for Veterans & Disabled Veterans – Complete Info

This is my complete guide to Free Cars for Veterans & Disabled Veterans.

Having a car is a very important part of life. It not only enables an individual to have the freedom to travel but also provides a sense of security and assistance during emergency times. A car is an investment, which leads to the betterment of the standard of living among the general populace.

People do not have to rely on public transport for travelling from one place to another. It also provides an added advantage of time-saving. Therefore, a car is an essential investment everyone with capabilities and finance should make.

When it comes to having freedom, we cannot forget the ultimate freedom we have in our country today and the people who help maintain it. Veterans are an important community of our country, who have managed to sacrifice their privileges and wants in pursuit of a higher goal. They have protected our country from foreign enemies and enabled us to have a safe and warm home in this land.

They go to foreign lands to protect our interests, leaving their own families behind. Sometimes they also have to sacrifice their families for the sake of our country.

We cannot thrive as a society without acknowledging the sacrifices and hardships faced by our veterans. They are the backbone of your country. We need to ensure that after leaving the service, they receive the highest dignity and standard in life.

This is because, throughout their life, they have not focused on earning wealth, but rather on protecting and fighting for their country. Thus it is our responsibility to ensure that they have enough means to sustain themselves and live a dignified life.

Free Cars for Veterans & Disabled Veterans

Free Cars for Veterans & Disabled Veterans

To sum it up, it is very important for veterans to have a car of their own, to enjoy the freedom to travel anywhere they want, maintain their health checkups, lookout for opportunities and lead a dignified life overall. Usually, veterans do not get enough after retirement to buy a new car. However, this does not mean that they have to live without one throughout their lives. 

There are very few organizations that offer free cars for veterans in need. Usually, such schemes are available for low-income people, women, marginalized communities etc. Veterans often don’t come to the list of these organizations. This doesn’t mean that getting cars for vets is an impossible task.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to get a free car for veterans and how to arrange for free cars for veterans in need. The article will discuss and name different organizations that provide cars for vets along with other relevant information including the required eligibility criteria, different ways to get cheap cars for veterans etc.

We will also be answering some frequently asked questions to clear away all the doubts in the end.

Organizations That Offer Free Cars for Veterans

Organizations That Offer Free Cars for Veterans

If a veteran needs help getting a car, they can go to different charities and organizations that have such programs running for them. Usually, such organizations are divided into two categories. Some of them offer a free car for disabled veterans and some of them offer free cars for veterans in need which includes disabled veterans as well

Some of them also offer used cars for veterans. So they are a variety of options available only if you know where to look. These are not the common social service charities that one can think of. That is why we have taken it upon us to enlist them here.



Cars4Heros is an organization that forms a focal point between people who are willing to donate car to veterans, and veterans that need help in getting cars. The organization offers used cars for veterans free of cost.

It is a great place to start looking for if you want used cars for veterans. The organization has its website. You can contact them directly to know the whole procedure and eligibility conditions attached to their program.



Veterancardonations is an organization that provides cars to veterans free of cost. It is a non-preofit organziation. They have an official website where veterans can go and look for free cars.

It is a place where people can donate their cars, RVs, motorcycles etc to veterans. All the cars and other vehicles donated are classified according to their use time, mileage etc. Accordingly, they are distributed to those veterans who apply. 



As the name suggests, Vetcar is an organization that provides free cars to veterans. It provides free cars for veterans in need. The organization not only deals in cars, but other requirements of veterans as well.

It is a very good place to start your search for free or cheap cars for veterans. They also have an official website which provides all information about the eligibility criteria and requirements to be fulfilled to get a used free car from them.


Carsforveterans is a non-profit organization indulged in providing all types of amenities to veterans. Their main focus area is on veterans only and includes food, utilities, financial assistance, transportation assistance etc.

You can visit their website to get free cars or cheap cars from them. They help all types of veterans lead a dignified life by providing with all sorts of help possible. It is a very popular platform where veterans get used cars for free.

How to Apply for Free Cars for Veterans

How to Apply for Free Cars for Veterans

Knowing which organization to approach for getting cheap cars for veterans is a good thing, but it means nothing without knowing how to apply for the process there. Therefore, we have decided to explain the process to you to make it easier.

There are many governmental and non-governmental organizations that run programs providing free cars for vets. If you want to get one, you need to apply to them according to their respective guidelines and follow their terms and conditions. These organizations are social service organizations that do not have an indefinite surplus of funds.

Therefore, they keep a strict check on the people applying and only give out benefits to those who are actually needy, or those who strictly qualify their eligibility criteria.

Even though different charities have different eligibility criteria set, and these depend on the rules of their states and their personal guidelines, there are still some common ones set which are used by everyone. We are going to explain some of them here to ease your process of applying. 

Citizen of the USA

One of the most important criteria for being selected for one of these programs is that you must be a citizen of the country. This may seem redundant, but you cannot be a veteran if you are not a citizen of the country. Therefore, this is the first proof you have to show that you qualify for being a veteran, as well as for the program. 

Valid Driving License 

Another common eligibility criterion among all programs that are related to cars. The applicant must have a valid driving license which is updated. If the applicant is disabled, they need to have a spare license name to get one from the authorities. Without a valid driving license, you cannot drive on the road, therefore, you cannot become eligible to get a free car as well. You have to present a hardship with your current vehicle. With this condition, you will grant a free car for veterans. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed. You have to offer all the documents, including address proof, education certificate, driving license, income profile, and driving license. The authorities will verify all the papers you submitted. The document screening process makes sure that all the documents verified by the applicant are not misleading or fraudulent. False information won’t work; you have to provide real documents to make it work.

Production of DD214 

If you are from an armed forces background, there is no need to explain what this document means. however for people who are trying to obtain information for their family or relatives, DD214 is a document that is provided by the security forces to veterans. This is applicable to all types of forces including army, navy, airforce, homeland etc. It is a form of identification that the person is indeed a veteran. In order to qualify for any of the programs providing cars for vets, this document needs to be shown. It is a very important document, and must not be misplaced at any cost. 

Transparency in Information 

If you are trying to submit documents that are not authentic, you will be eventually barred from receiving any benefit. Additionally, you can also be blacklisted if it is found that you deliberately tried to defraud the authorities. All the information provided by you goes through a background check in all the organizations. Only when the application passes through all the verification steps, can a person get a free car for themselves. A background check here is done thoroughly to ensure that all the information provided by the applicant is true and that there are no criminal records attached to the individual. It also helps them assess the kind of needs an applicant has. In order to get successful in this process, do not hide anything and do not try to mislead them with false documents. Legal action may also be taken against you for this. 

Income Proofs 

In some of the programs, applicants are also asked to submit last year’s income returns. This is done to verify if the person actually needs extra help in getting a car. Most of the programs offered for veterans are the ones aimed at low-income veterans who do not have sufficient income to maintain a decent standard of living. These organizations try their best to filter out applicants who can afford such amenities themselves. Therefore, if your income is below a certain level, only then you will be eligible for these programs. The income is generally shown on the websites of organizations donating cars to veterans. Check them out to see the individual criteria. 

Ability to Pay Some Basic Fees

Even though you are applying to get a free car for yourself, it does not mean that all the associated ancillary cost is also borne by the organization. Some expenses need to be paid by the applicants themselves. These include taxes, maintenance, insurance fees, registration fees etc. This is not included in the whole “free car” scheme. Therefore, make sure you have the requisite amount with yourself to be able to pay for these.

In order to be more proactive in these situations, you need to apply to multiple organizations at once. You need to make a list of all probable organizations that can offer you free cars.

These include local charities that offer giveaways to residents of the local area. These charities sometimes offer giveaways on occasions to help those in need.

These may not be restricted to veterans only. Therefore don’t apply to organizations that are only veteran specific. Expand your approach by applying to multiple ones and taking part in the process, as long as you satisfy their eligibility criteria.

Free Car for Disabled Veterans

Free Car for Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans are the symbol of ultimate sacrifices. These are people who have allowed themselves to be sabotaged in order to save their country and protect their people.

Veterans get disabled in wars, attacks and bombings. Still, they continue serving their country as much as they can. Oftentimes, it becomes difficult for them to sustain themselves post-retirement, due to a lack of certain abilities. This is where we as a country should help them.

There are various organizations for disabled veterans that provide cars. They run donation programs to receive cars and provide them to needy veterans. Even the salvation army car donation program accepts donations from people who are willing to share their fortune with the ones who don’t have it.

Such organizations request wealthy and fortunate people to help veterans and bring a smile to their familys’ faces.

If you are not using a car, and it is just sitting in your garage uselessly, consider donating it to charities that further give them to veterans. Most of the time, people don’t sell their cars for long enough which further makes them lose their value in the market. In such cases, it is better to donate it to a good cause rather than sell it for peanuts.

If you donate such cars, the government also allows you to deduct them from your income for tax purposes. This is better than trying to sell it in the market. 

If you work a lot and do not have time to contribute your services to social causes, a donation is the best substitute. There are a lot of people who need things that are uselessly lying at your home.

This includes your used car. When you donate a car for the veterans, you are helping them in living a life of dignity and respect after serving your country. Especially for disabled veterans, having a car that can help them travel to places is a dream. It makes their life much easier.

Donating a car to a disabled veteran is the highest possible help you can do to them. It makes their life much simpler. They can go and buy groceries, go on trips with their kids, spend time with family travelling, and visit doctors or hospitals without having to rely on public transport.

Additionally, our public transport is not very disabled-friendly, which makes it even more important for disabled veterans to have their own car.

Once the donation is made to these organizations, usually a mail is sent to you along with a  tax receipt. You can show this tax receipt as proof of an income tax deduction. This is done for two reasons.

First, to encourage people to donate rather than sell for a small amount of money. Secondly, to increase the number of donations received for veterans. Every citizen of the country should do something to help veterans, especially the disabled ones. This will not only help them but encourage future generations to join the forces and protect their country.

Once all the formalities are done, you can claim the car and it will be delivered to you in a short time. If you are donating, you can simply wait for the organization to pick up your car and take it to their garage.

Special Cars for Disabled Vets

Special Cars for Disabled Vets

Yes, even if it seems a bit impossible, there are some amazing people out there who make technologies to accommodate everyone in the social sphere. Today, we have some special cars designed for disabled people, according to their disabilities. This means that despite not having the requisite ability to drive a normal car, they can still drive and live a happy independent life. 

There are many government programs that offer specially designed cars to disabled veterans. These cars are designed specially keeping in mind the specific disability experienced by the veteran. These cars are provided to them free of cost, or at a cheap price depending on the needs of the veteran. This is done to facilitate such veterans to live a normal life and get back into the world with pride and dignity.

Apart from special cars, there are many government programs that offer veterans free cars or interest-free loans for cars. Even charitable organizations and social service centres offer free cars to disabled veterans. There are different sources through which disabled veterans can get free cars.

Disabled veterans are a perfect example of sacrifice and courage. They give up living a normal life to protect the country from enemies and terrorists. Despite losing their normal life to attacks and wars, they still take pride in serving and country and continue to do so o the best of their abilities.

This is why many organizations have come up with solutions to make special cars for disabled vets with the help of car mechanics and engineers. They sometimes also cater to personal customization after a car is purchased, to accommodate the special needs of a veteran. Thus, if you are not able to get a car from the government, you can get one from a charity and then customize it according to your needs. 

How to Get a Free Car for Disabled Veterans

How to Get a Free Car for Disabled Veterans

It is a very simple process if understood in detail. First, you need to choose the type of organization you wish to apply to. If it is a charity, then there are different processes. If it is a government program, the process is different. However, choosing one of them is very important. People often apply to multiple sources to ensure they get the benefit. 

After choosing an organization, visit their website. All the organizations mentioned above, and the ones that provide special cars have a website and a form to be filled on the website. Fill out this form. Usually, it asks for details like name, number, address, identity proof, veteran proof etc.

After this, you will have to produce some documents to verify your claim. This includes having a veteran certificate, disability proof, income proof, expense list, etc. Other than this, no other steps need to be followed. 

Once the application is filed, the organization will do a background check, and subject to availability, they will provide you with a special car. They may also ask you to personally explain the disability so that they can cater to it in the car itself. 

Why You Should Also Donate Cars to Veterans

Why You Should Also Donate Cars to Veterans

We have talked about free cars for veterans in need however, we forget about an important aspect. These cars are not specially made for veterans, they are given away by generous people who find it worthy to donate them to such organizations.

Most of these organizations thrive on these donations and are able to help veterans only because of such generous people. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to spread awareness regarding the importance of donating cars to veterans.

Tax-Deductible Donation

Government offers incentives to people who are willing to donate their cars to veterans. All the donors who donate car to veterans are entitled to a receipt which is fully tax-deductible. Organizations like Vehicles for veterans are non-profit vehicle donation organizations under Section 501(c)(3), which allows them to receive multiple benefits in lieu of such donations.

People who donate cars also receive a lot of benefits in return.  Such donations are 100% tax-deductible, therefore they are extremely efficient. You should also urge your friends and family who have a spare car to donate the same to the organizations, and help the veterans in need.

Suppose you are looking to sell your car. Your market price is $500. However, instead of selling it, you donate it to some charity registered as a vehicle donation organization. During your income tax filings, you can claim this $500 as a deduction from the tax upon showing the receipt of the donation which will be given to you by the organization itself.

This means that you saved $500 in taxes, instead of getting them by selling. The net result is the same, you get $500, however, the additional advantage is that the organization received a donation which allows them to help a veteran in need. Therefore, you do not have to lose money by donating, as the common perception prevails. 

Helping Out Our Veterans

Helping Out Our Veterans

We all understand that selling a car may help you earn some money. However, that issue is not a problem anymore because you can anyway claim the market value as a deduction, thereby saving the same amount during taxes. The best part about donation is that you will be helping our veterans who have dedicated their lives to our country.

They ensured that we have a peaceful life, and fought for it. In return, this is the least anyone can do for them. If a veteran needs help getting a car you can donate it to them or to an organization that further gives it to them. This way, they can come back and enjoy life without worrying about money.

They can travel with their families, go grocery shopping, drop their grandkids at school and so much more. In short, having a car helps them lead a normal life after trying to protect our country all their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have covered almost everything that you need to know about vehicles for veterans. The only thing left is some frequently asked questions. We are going to answer them to clear away the remaining doubts. 

Can We Also Get a Free Boat for Veterans?

Yes, veterans can also get a free boat instead of a car. When veterans are living alongside a river or a sea, there are often organizations that provide a free boat instead of a free car. Oftentimes, the boat is the only mode of transportation or leisure. People also use it for fishing. There can be many recognized uses which are noted by charities which enable them to provide free boats to veterans.

Sometimes, villages and generous neighbours who have boats also donate them to veterans who need them. Charities also encourage people to donate boats to veterans so that they can be used in times of need.  There is a free boat giveaway program which is similar to the free cars scheme.

Some eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled before you receive a boat from them. One of these is that you must have a document showing that you live near the sea or river, and receiving this boat will help you live a dignified life. Apart from this, income proof, veteran certificate etc also need to be shown. 

How Do I Get Car Loans for Disabled Veterans with Bad Credit?

Even though there are many organizations that offer free cars for veterans, sometimes people do not get them because of the difference in demand and supply. There are limited cars available with these organizations because they receive them through donations. In such cases, it is advisable to explore other options such as car loans. 

Car loans are a good option if you have a good credit score with the banks. However, if the credit score is bad, it can be a problem. In such cases, they can consider consulting Credit Union Auto loans for loans. They can help disabled veterans get a loan with cheap interest rates which allows them to buy a good car.  Alternatively, they can also opt for VA loan, which is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is provided to veterans only. 

If none of these options work, you can also go to Navy Federal Credit Union, PenFed Credit Union etc which gives help in getting loans with bad credit for veterans. 

Who All Can Donate Cars to Veterans?

Literally, anyone with enough financial stability can donate cars to veterans. There are no eligibility criteria for such things. If you have a spare car in your backyard, that you do not intend to use, you can simply go to the nearest charity and donate it to veterans. It will make you feel good and additionally help a family in need of a car as well.

Businesses, professionals, retired businesses, anyone can donate. The only thing required is that you must have title papers of the car you are donating to ensure that it belongs to you and you have a valid title to donate it. 

Can Veterans Also Receive a Free Car from the Government?

Yes, veterans can receive free cars from the government as well. The federal government has many programs aimed at the welfare of veterans. They provide shelter, financial help, transportation etc to veterans as per their needs. They also have programs that offer free cars on application. You can apply to these programs and tell them your needs and why you need a car. 

How to Get a Disabled Veteran Certificate?

In order to prove that you are disabled, there are some certificates required. This certification should only be given by the government and no one else. There is a miscellaneous certification form which needs to be filled out. Under this form, there is a disabled veteran certification which must be signed upon in the form. After this form is completed, you need to show your medical records for background check and inquiry.

Sometimes, they also require a current registration card or identification card as well. Once this whole process is complete, you can get the tag easily and show it to the organizations you are applying to. 

Can Disabled Veterans Get Free Car Tags?

Yes, our federal government allows several perks to people who have served the country selflessly. One such perk is getting free car tags. These tags are commemorative license plates that differ from state to state. The fees and registration process of these plates are different in different states, but most of them offer it for free, or at a concessional rate for veterans. 

These rules differ from state to state, therefore it is not possible to aptly answer this question without making a very long list. However, in most states, disabled veterans get free tags as a result of their service to the country. 

Can Disabled Veterans Get Free Car Registration?

Yes, indeed disabled veterans can free car registration upon certain terms and conditions. First, it needs to be shown that you are indeed a veteran, and secondly, you are disabled. Once this is done, most states in the country offer free car registration to them. This is one way of expressing gratitude to people who have sacrificed their comfort for a greater cause. 

Do Veterans Have Tax Exemption for Cars?

There are different states that allow for tax exemption for veterans and their family members. These are applicable on out of state purchases that are made before the transition orders. In California, there are no taxes for veterans who want to buy a car. Therefore, you need to choose which state and then look for specific regulations there. 

This is done to enable veterans to lead a normal life. Apart from charities and programs that offer them free cars, such exemptions are provided as thanks to their services. These people have dedicated their whole life to the betterment of their country, and it would be unreasonable to expect them to contribute more through taxes even on their cars. 

What Is the Cost of a Veteran Tag?

The cost of a veteran tag is not very high. For veterans, this price differs according to the situation however one can easily get it for $ 50 or less. Additionally, there is a $40 renewal fee every year which needs to be paid.

This is also allowed for deduction during income tax returns. Veterans have the option of customizing their tags according to their needs, therefore the fee may vary. However, it should not exceed $50 in most situations. 

Are There Any Other Free Grants Apart from Cars for Veterans?

Yes, there are a lot of grants available for veterans. Our federal government always manages to compensate veterans for their ultimate sacrifice. These include education grants, business grants, loans, financial assistance etc. Apart from these transportation grants, and medical assistance, everything is available for vets.

The main advantage of being a veteran in the country is that people are ready to welcome you back to the social sphere with enthusiasm and generosity.

They are always enthusiastic about donating, giving and ensuring that veterans receive everything they need and lead a dignified life post serving the country.

We have listed some of these grants here and you can search for them for detailed information. 

  • Scholarships and grants for higher studies
  • Financial assistance for low-income veterans
  • Education grants 
  • Housing grants for homeless veterans
  • Car and automobile loans
  • Salvation army assistance programs
  • Local church assistance programs.
  • Emergency assistance grants

What Are Some Unique Cars Available for Veterans?

As we have already described above, there are several stakeholders who have managed to make it easier for disabled veterans to drive cars. There are some companies that have special design programs for making cars for disabled persons. These companies often tie up with charitable organizations for veterans to provide free cars to disabled veterans.

Some government programs also offer free cars for disabled veterans that are specially made. Sometimes, people also receive cars and then modify them according to their disabilities after receiving them.

Therefore, they are multiple ways through which special cars are available for veterans. All you need to do is choose which way you want to receive it. Generally, people prefer getting it modified after getting a normal car so that it is tailor-made to their requirements. 

These special cars are customized so that people who are driving it do not have to face difficulties due to their disabilities. Sometimes, the steering wheels are adjusted. Brakes and accelerators are changed to suit the need of the driver. Some of them are automated as well. 

The Article Comes to an End:

We have tried to inform you about cars for veterans and different ways of getting them. If you are looking for a free car for yourself, you need to contact local charities and the ones mentioned above. You can also search for some government loans and programs that provide free cars for veterans. Additionally, if you are a disabled veteran, there are some special government programs available to accommodate your needs.

We have also answered some frequently answered questions to ensure that there are no doubts remaining about the topic. In the end, it all comes down to choosing the type of source you wish to get benefit from. Because in this country people and the government are forever grateful for veterans and the services and sacrifices they have made to protect and safeguard it.

To show their gratitude to veterans, many normal and veteran-specific organizations are always ready to assist veterans in whatever manner possible. You do not have to worry about being left behind, as the whole country is here to repay you for your efforts and sacrifices. 

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