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Free Car for College Students: Guide and How to Apply

Free Car for College Students: Guide and How to Apply

This is my complete guide to Free Car for College Students, Guide and How to Apply.

Being a college student comes with more responsibilities than assumed. Apart from the pressure of academics, there is an added pressure of stumbling finances. This is why students often look for car for college students for sale in order to reduce this burden. If you are a college student searching for free cars for college student programs, then you have come to the right place.

There are various ways through which you can get cars for students near me. This includes reaching out to charitable organizations, searching for governmental welfare programs, donation drivers and much more. We will be outlining these methods in the article below. We will also explain some ancillary concepts that are equally important in your search for cars for university students.

Importance of Free Cars for College Students Programs


Being a student itself is the most rewarding experience in life, especially when one is enrolled in college. Here, among other things, we get to know new people, form new friendships, acquire real-world combat skills, participate in group study sessions, eat in the cafeteria, and enjoy an unforgettable evening with our pals.

However, many students attending college in the United States feel the need to have their own vehicle. Students in higher education frequently express their desire to possess their very own cars and drive themselves to classes. Every undergraduate aspires to buy his or her very first vehicle while they are still enrolled in school.

Work and school might be difficult to juggle for people in this group, so they have to work hard. They typically ride public transportation, such as buses and trains, to travel to their places of employment and schooling. One needs to maintain careful tabs on all of the times and make sure they don’t forget what time their bus or train departs.

An additional finding from the research was that students would benefit academically from better transportation as well as from the time savings it would provide. It has the potential to make students feel less weary and improve the overall experience of their trip.

If there is a reliable means of transportation available, students will have an easier time juggling the demands of college and their regular studies. This is especially the case if they live in a rural location that does not have a developed network of roads or other modes of transportation.

The most convenient mode of transportation for a student is a car. If a student has access to a car, she does not need to be concerned about the state of the climate. A college student who has access to a car will have an easier time commuting to both their classes and their part-time work.

We are well aware of how difficult it is to simultaneously work, study, and fulfil other obligations. Because of this, we are providing free cars to students attending colleges with low incomes.

How to Get a Car as a Student from a Charity

How to Get a Car as a Student from a Charity

As we have already mentioned, there are different ways to get cars for students near me. These include charities, non-profit organizations, donations, government grants etc.

We are going to discuss different ways and explain the individual requirements of each of these methods. We are going to start with charities as they provide the best chance to get cars for student. Here is a list of some charities you can approach as a student.

800-Charity Cars

800-Charity Cars

Students enrolled in colleges and universities around the United States are eligible to get free autos through a programme known as 800-Charity Cars or 1-800-Charity Cars. Any student who is having trouble making ends meet can apply for financial aid from them.

They, just like the other organizations, have eligibility requirements that have to be met in order to take advantage of their programmes that give free autos to college students. These requirements include things like having a good academic record.

You can get help by looking at their official website or by physically travelling to their office in person. Both options are available to you.

Good News Garage

Good News Garage

Another organization that provides free cars to university students is called the Good News Garage. However, in contrast to the other two charitable organizations, this one is focused on a single location. That indicates that it is only functional in a limited number of locations across the nation.

To this point, it has been beneficial to 4,400 different pupils. It is functional in certain areas of New Hampshire, Vermont, and other states in New England.

However, it does not only provide cars to college students. In addition to that, it provides students, particularly college students, with car grants. It is a good option if you are located in the above-mentioned areas. 



Cars4Christmas is another nationwide organization that provides assistance to college students in their pursuit of free cars. In order to apply to this organization, you will need to fill out an online application form, and they may also ask you to write an essay discussing the ways in which owning a car will improve the quality of your life.

Students who have specific requirements, such as a disability or a medical condition, are typically given priority status in schools and other organizations. Make sure you visit their website and see the requirements.

Non-Profit Giving Cars for Students Near Me

Non-Profit Giving Cars for Students Near Me

You might be thinking that there is hardly any difference between non-profit organizations and charities, then it is unreasonable to divide them into two categories. However, there is a fine difference between these two, specific to this context.

Charities are organizations that work in a variety of areas and help people in need regardless of their areas of service. They are more community-based. Non-profit organizations, on the other hand, focus on providing one or more types of services to specific people who belong to certain communities.

Their services are restricted, and they focus only on that. Apart from charities, you can also approach nonprofits to get new cars or donated cars. We are listing some of these nonprofits for you. 



Carangel.org is a charitable organisation that operates online and assists college students by providing them with free cars as part of a programme called free vehicles for college students. Carangel provides college students with free cars as well as money to buy cars of their own based on the students’ academic performance and criminal histories.

They will also offer you auto insurance on a month-to-month basis if you are able to pay for it. Students who do not have enough money to purchase a car are eligible to receive either a used car or a free car through this programme.

You need to talk to them while providing a compelling rationale in order to receive one. By going to their official website, you will be able to submit an application for free cars for students.

Purple Foundation

Purple Foundation

The Foundation for the Purple Charity is also a non-profit organisation. If you are a student with an excellent scorecard, it is not difficult to obtain a free car from them. Their programmes that give free cars to students have attracted the interest of hundreds of college students who have signed up for the programmes.

It is sufficient for you to make contact with them and inquire about the availability of a vehicle that is suitable for your requirements. If there is a car that can be given to you and it meets your needs, they will either ask you to come to their office to pick it up or they will tell you to pick it up from a dealer that they work with.

If there is a car that can be given to you and it meets your needs, they will ask you to come to their office to pick it up. They have a good record of handing out cars to students, therefore this is a place no student must miss applying for.

Free Charity Cars

Free Charity Cars

Apart from giving out free cars, Free charity cars also give car insurance with a very minimal amount of payment towards the same. For their programmes that provide free cars to college students, all you need is a compelling rationale, as well as a strong grade point average.

It is a wonderful organization that operates online with the goal of providing college students with everything they require to live a pleasant life.

There are also a few charitable organizations that will provide underprivileged kids with a free new or old car. Don’t be concerned, these cars are in good working order and are prepared to be driven on public roads. Some automakers provide financing options that need no initial payment and have exceptionally reasonable interest rates.

There are some car sellers who will sell vehicles to customers even if they have poor credit. If you have poor credit, it is of little concern to a dealer of cars.

You only need to provide an answer to the question, and in around 14–21 days, they will get back to you with the results. What they require is a justification for purchasing a car, which you are able to provide for them.

Car Grants for Students

Car Grants for Students

A number of organizations that work to assist this population offer financial assistance in the form of car grants to college students. They provide them with all of the assistance and support that they require.

One of these organizations is the CLAC. Both the ‘More Than Wheels Program’ and the Bonnie CLAC Program offer financial assistance to college students who are interested in purchasing cars.

If you are a college student and are interested in applying for one of these grants for a car, you will need to be financially literate and understand how to create a budget.

This programme is available to students who have a low income and who are unable to qualify for loans from other organizations. Students who wish to buy a car on their own and do not want assistance from charitable organizations are the ones who are eligible for auto grants.

Those who can provide a compelling justification for requesting a car grant are eligible to receive financial assistance to assist them in purchasing cars. Individuals may qualify for free cars through a variety of programmes that are either administered by the government or by charitable organizations.

The first thing a student should do when looking for student vehicle grants is to secure a loan from a financial institution. There is a wide variety of loan options available from numerous banks. When it comes to providing financial assistance in the form of car grants to students, the policies of various financial institutions vary.

There is also the option of participating in the Good Wheels Program. Students may be eligible for financial assistance in the form of auto grants if they participate in this programme. Students with low incomes and/or those who receive TANF are eligible for car grants through the Good Wheels Program.

However, keep in mind that you need a social service agency referral to apply for one of these car subsidies for students. The organisation that would determine whether or not you are qualified to receive the awards would receive your information once it had been forwarded by the social service agency.

If it is determined that you met the requirements, you would be awarded a grant of around $5,000. This usually depends on a case-to-case basis and keeps on changing keeping in mind the cost of purchasing a car.

Other Ways to Get Cars for Student

Other Ways to Get Cars for Student

If you have not been able to receive any help from charities or non-profits, do not get disheartened. Usually, the supply and demand of free cars do not match.

This is because while the supply is limited, there are a large number of applicants in such scenarios. You may find other alternatives in such cases, and we will be highlighting those here. 

Talk to Car Manufacturers

Some businesses believe that giving out free cars to kids is the best way to spread the news about their firm. They recognise that students are the most susceptible to persuasion, and thus as part of their free vehicles for college students programme, they provide these individuals with free cars in the hopes that they will write a favourable review of the company.

Because of this, they are able to get the word out about their brand among the younger generation, which can be beneficial to them in the long run. Free cars are provided by companies such as Toyota and Ford to college students, regardless of their academic standing.

Promotion Agencies

Companies that do promotions are often looking for persons who can drive through cities or spend the entire day in cities so that an advertisement can be displayed on their cars.

You are able to get in touch with them and inquire as to whether or not they have any open positions for you. It is a great way to earn some extra money while having a car at your disposal as well. 

Taxi Services as Part-Time

If you are able to drive, other people may pay you to transport them from place to place. You can operate a cab service or deliver products to people’s houses as a means of earning money.

This way, you’d walk away with a free car and some additional cash in your pocket. Even while you can’t refer to this as a free car for college students scheme, you can at least utilize it to go around and make some extra money at the same time.

These students get hired by companies such as Uber even though they are still in school.

Eligibility Criteria in Free Cars for College Students Programs

Eligibility Criteria in Free Cars for College Students Programs

Now that we have enlisted different ways how to afford a car in college we will be focusing on another important factor under the student-free car program.

It is important because if you do not fulfil these you might not be able to get through into any of them. While you are searching for cars students can afford make sure you look for these criteria on each of the websites.

United States Citizen 

In order to be eligible for any government or non-government grant, a person must be a citizen of the US. Cars for students in the USA are only available to domestic citizens who fulfil other criteria. For immigrants, there are other schemes in place that aim toward their welfare, however, as far as the schemes mentioned above go, a person needs to be a US citizen for the same.

Above 18 Years 

In order to be eligible for government grants and charities that provide cars, you must be above 18 years of age. This ensures that you are legally allowed to drive by the authorities. No matter what the organization is skiing, if you are there for a car, being above 18 years of age is an implied requirement in almost all of them. Additionally, you must have valid documents that validate your claim of being above 18 years of age. These documents must be both original and valid.

Valid Driving License 

In order to receive a car from a student-free car program, you will have to provide a valid driving license. Sometimes, they may even ask you to provide insurance proof, etc. However, students are generally not asked this. A valid driving license entails that you know how to drive, and it is a must to produce it at the time of applying to any of the organizations mentioned above. If you do not have a driving license it is better you get it made before applying for a free car.

No Criminal Record 

People with criminal records are generally not allowed to gain benefits from welfare schemes. This is true, especially in the case of government grants. If you have a criminal history, you will have to unfold it in front of the concerned authorities. If you do not inform them about the same, they will nevertheless find out because they are going to do a background check before accepting your application. This background check will reveal any previous criminal record. Therefore, it is better you unfold this beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get a Free Car in the USA?

Getting a free car in this country is not as difficult as it may seem. You simply have to find out the right organization. There are some eligibility criteria to be met.

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If you belong to a low-income family, then there are different requirements. Similarly, there are different criteria set for single mothers, students, disabled people, veterans etc. All you have to do is approach multiple charitable organizations and government welfare schemes. 

Can College Students Get a Car?

Yes, absolutely. College students can get a car through any of the above-mentioned organizations. You need to have a good academic record for the same. We have outlined all these relevant factors in the article above, and you can have a look if there is some confusion left. 

Which Car Is Best for Students?

This is a subjective topic. Students who have to travel long distance must prefer cars that have good mileage and uses less gas. Students who have to wait more in traffic prefer smaller cars to bigger ones.

Generally, when looking for a free car, a choice is not given. However, if you are buying one yourself, it is better to buy one with good mileage and a less expensive one as well. Since there are multiple finances that students have to handle, spending money on extravagant cars does not make sense.

The Article Comes to an End

We have outlined everything relevant about getting free cars for college students. All you have to do is get a good academic record and make a compelling case for yourself in front of all the organizations mentioned above.

In the end, one of them will pick you and you will have a free car by your side which is ready to help you lead an adventurous, fulfilling and desirable life.

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