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Habitat for Humanity Cars for Single Mothers

Habitat for Humanity Cars for Single Mothers

This is my complete guide to Habitat for Humanity Cars for Single Mothers.

Single mothers do not have it easy. Having the responsibility of taking care of the house, the kids, and safeguarding their future while protecting your own, all of it on a limited financial budget that you are most likely working for can be excessively tiring.

Many organizations, government and otherwise recognize the condition of these single moms and have come up with numerous programs and schemes to ensure that these strong women can get all the help they deserve with ease. One such provision is Habitat for Humanity cars for single moms which has been explored here.

Introduction: Habitat for Humanity Cars for Single Mothers


Having a car has become a necessity for any parent today, this need is ever-increasing if this parent is a working one who is cutting tight cuts with routine expenses. Cars for single moms have become a need-it for their transportation to and from work, dropping the kids at school, medical appointments, etc. as using other modes of transport is just not pocket friendly for these mothers who are trying to save up money to make ends meet.

Habitat For Humanity, along with some other organizations have gone up to the extent of trying to provide car for single mothers who cannot afford to excuse the financial burden of a car from their earnings. We are going to be exploring Habitat for Humanity’s free cars for single moms.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity

Before we go ahead and discuss Habitat for Humanity cars, let’s take a quick overview of the organization that is providing so much help in the form of cars for single moms.

Habitat For Humanity International also referred to as habitat is a nonprofit and US non-governmental organization. This Chrisitan operation was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976 with its international operation headquarters located in Americus, Georgia and its administrative headquarters in Atlanta.

As of today, Habitat of Humanity is one of the most successful and famous non-profits that have been helping people in more than seventy countries, providing basic to enormous help and utilities, even in the form of houses and cars for single moms and others who need it.

Habitat for Humanity Free Cars for Single Moms

Of the numerous programs under Habitat for Humanity, one of them is a vehicle donation program namely Cars For Homes. It was established in 2005 and as its name suggests, is trying to provide cars to households that cannot afford them which also includes cars for single moms.

Since its establishment, this program by Habitat for Humanity has accepted over twelve hundred thousand vehicles for both recyclings and reselling them and providing a good fraction of them as cars for single moms.

In the last five years, Cars for Homes by Habitat For Humanity has raised up to thirty million dollars.

Why Should You Donate to Habitat for Humanity Cars

As mentioned, Habitat For Humanity is a non-profit organization and works widely on donations made by people. Helping people in need is a way to give back to all we have been given by life.

Habitat For Humanity works for an amazing cause of putting God’s love into action and bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. Their provision of Habitat for Humanity Free Cars for single moms has set out to help numerous women who are in desperate need of said resources.

Donated cars for Habitat for Humanity have the potential to change a single mother’s life. These programs also include single women who have been divorced from their partners on who they had been formerly dependent for all their finances.

This fraction of divorced single moms who don’t work or have had huge gaps in their work profile when they chose to just focus on the family and be a homemaker is one of the major groups who really need these habitats for Humanity cars.

Apart from the moral satisfaction of helping people, donating cars for Habitat for Humanity also gives the donator financial benefits. These benefits are not derived from the sale of the car as it is a completely non-profit procedure, neither are these benefits in the form of cash or direct money that is transferred to your bank account.

A person who donates even one of the cars for Habitat for Humanity gets a tax benefit at the end of the year. This tax incentive or benefit is calculated on the basis of the price of the donated car for Habitat for Humanity. This incentive can add up to five hundred dollars or get equal to the gross sales price of the said vehicle.

It is important to keep in mind that many state owners avoid using the fair value price of the vehicle if it is more than five hundred dollars, so strict care should be taken regarding the same to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of. Even if your car is less than five hundred dollars, you can deduct it from your tax payment.

How to Donate Habitat for Humanity Cars

If you are thinking of contributing to Habitat for Humanity Free Cars for single moms, you are taking part in a great cause. In order to donate your car, visit the official website of Habitat for Humanity or the website for their donation wizard (links provided below).

The process of donation has been designed in a way so it is incredibly easy with minimal paperwork.

Here is how to donate cars to Habitat for Humanity:

  1. Go to the habitat donation wizard website or call 1-877-277-4344.
  2. Provide all necessary information about your vehicle along with your particulars and contact information.
  3. Schedule a suitable time to pick up the now latest habitat for humanity car.

It is advisable to keep all official documentation of the car ready during the pickup to avoid any confusion.

You can read about people’s experiences of donating and receiving Habitat for Humanity cars on their official website

Which Type of Vehicles Can Be Donated as Habitat for Humanity Cars

Use the link of the donation wizard or call 1-877-277-4344 if you need to get rid of your vehicle. A section of Cars For Houses deals with things like family vehicles and includes trucks, cars motorcycles, boats, snow miles, etc

They accept almost all vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, farm equipment and construction equipment. In addition to your donated money and cars for single moms, Habitat for Humanity also welcomes house RVs, motorcycles, boats, and farm and construction equipment.

The vehicle that is being submitted as a Habitat for Humanity car does not need to be a fully functioning or running car or bike, it could be any type of vehicle as far as it is whole, meaning it does not lack any major parts and four inflated tyres which makes transportation more effective.

Your old and a damaged vehicle can act as a brand new opportunity for a car for single moms.

If you are willing to give away a vehicle, used or brand-new, in perfect or compromised condition, ensure that you contact Cars for Homes beforehand through phone i.e. 1-877-277-4344 or through email at [email protected]

Applying for Habitat for Humanity Free Cars for Single Moms

It is crucial to keep in mind that you start your application with their official website. Double-check the authenticity of your source before proceeding with your application for Habitat for Humanity cars or any other vehicle. Expect the application to be detailed.

This application form will also require the submission of legal documents to back up your claims of your economic status and needs. Extensive background checks are done to ensure that the resources of the habitat for humanity go to the hands of the people who need them most.

Any particulars found filled incorrectly can be grounds for your name being taken off from the list of potential candidates to receive Habitat for Humanity cars. Another thing to keep in mind is that you give contact information that can be used to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Grants for Habitat for Humanity Cars

A grant is a sum of money provided to someone by an institute which is meant for a specific predefined purpose. This grant money for cars for single moms, once issued need not be paid back. These grants act as direct financial help and can be used to buy a car. The application for these grants can be started at home on their official website as well.

It is advisable to be as detailed about your situation as you can in your applications so the organization understands your needs the best.

Official websites and contact information for Habitat for Humanity Free Cars for Single Moms

The official website of Habitat for Humanity is: https://www.habitat.org/ap

The official link to the donation wizard website is: https://www.cardonationwizard.com/habitat-for-humanity/donate/donate-a-car-build-a-home-in-your-local-community.html

The Contact Us tab on your home page will help you connect yourself to the official representatives in your locality. You can call them regarding any information that you may need about any of their programs or any issues or doubts you may be facing during your application for Habitat for Humanity cars.

Other Sources to Get Free or Affordable Cars for Single Moms

Habitat For Humanity is a great cause and one should definitely apply for the free cars or grants there but it is a non-profit which works broadly on donations. The number of applicants for Habitat for Humanity free cars for single moms is always more than the number of cars they give out and the selection process is always extremely competitive.

If you are in desperate need of a car, it is only reasonable to look into options of receiving a free car and apply to all increasing your chances of actually receiving a car.

Here are some other nonprofits that provide transportation aid and cars for single moms:


Unlike Habitat for Humanity cars that are under the umbrella along with many other initiatives by the institute, FreeChairtycars, like its name suggests, solely focuses on the provision of cars which increases the chances of getting a car for single moms. This non-profit organization was built in 1996 and is limited to U.S. citizens only and has provided over 4,700 free vehicles to people.

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Womenwithdrive is a nonprofit organization that has been trying to empower women in their own way since 2010. They do provide cars for single moms but only if they are taking part in training for a job or women’s skills improvement programs. They believe that lack of money for transportation at the least should not stand between women and their opportunities. 


Extendedfamily,org is yet another non-profit charity that provides free cars for single moms. Their focus is on single mothers who are unable to support their families because the founder of the institute himself realized the struggles of surviving after becoming a father.

In order to apply for their free cars for single moms, you just need to sign up for their program and enter all your particulars.

If you pass their eligibility and are seen fit to receive their help, you will get funds to buy a vehicle or a vehicle itself for regular use. It should be noted that these cars for single moms that are provided by these nonprofits need not be brand new.

1-800 Charity Cars

1-800 Charity Cars

This is a non-profit organization that is focused on providing transportation services to the citizens of America. The organization works as a hotline and provides emergency transport and cars for single moms in their time of need. Even though they do work towards providing affordable or free cars for single moms, they also provide said assistance to women without children.

You can easily contact this charity to understand more about their vision and application process.

You can take help from 2-1-1 or the United Way to understand your best options and their application processes. They can act like your one-spot spot of understanding all your options.

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Some other charities that also provide cars for single moms are: Wheels4Hope.org, Good News Garage, Vehicles to ChangeWorking Cars for Working Families, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about Habitat for Humanity free cars for single moms have been answered below:

Are Cars for Habitat for Humanity from a Government Organization?

Habitat for Humanity is a US non-government non-profit Christian organization. So, we can say that Habitat for Humanity cars are not given by a government organization.

Does Donate a Car for Habitat for Humanity Provide Any Economic Development?

Yes. People who donate their cars to Habitat for Humanity do receive an incentive. It is not in the form of cash or direct money but in the form of a tax incentive that is deducted from your total at the end of the year.

Where Can I Donate My Car for Single Moms Through Habitat for Humanity?

The process of donating cars for single moms has been made super simple by Habitat for Humanity. It can be entirely online and has little to no paperwork. This easy and efficient exchange is seen in both selling and distributing cars.

In order to donate a car, you need to visit their wizard doner website and you will be done with the donation process in three easy online steps.

What Kind of Cars Are Accepted as Donated Habitat for Humanity Cars?

There are no such criteria. All kinds of vehicles are accepted by Habitat for Humanity unless and until they are a whole, meaning that there are no parts missing and it has four inflated tyres in order for the workers to easily be able to drag or tow them away easily. They recycle and resell these cars under the name of Habitat for Humanity cars.

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Are There Any Other Nonprofits That Provide Cars for Single Moms?

Yes, there are numerous other nonprofits and charities that provide free and affordable cars for single moms. Different organizations have different terms and conditions regarding these cars for single moms.

Some provide grants for the mothers to buy the cars themselves, while others provide the vehicle itself. Some others focus on emergency or service-based transportation. Some of these nonprofits are  Wheels4Hope.org, Good News Garage, Vehicles to ChangeWorking Cars for Working Families, 1-800 Charity Cars, Extendedfamily.org, Womenwithdrive, FreeChairtycars.org, etc.

The Article Comes to an End

Even though many people still believe that cars are luxury, in a day of the twenty-first century, cars for single moms have become something that not only makes life easier but functional. Irrespective of the availability of public transport, it is not the best option for various single moms due to reasons like financial feasibility, proximity, etc.

It is no surprise that cars are expensive and single mothers who are providing for their kids and earning while saving up at the same time cannot afford a card in numerous cases.

This is where organizations like Habitat For Humanity come to the rescue. Habitat for Humanity Free Cars for single moms are bigger help than we can fathom, they have the potential to create a huge difference in one’s life.

We should spread the word about this incredible program to get the attention of donors as well as to inform single moms of the various resources that are present for them to make their life better.

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