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Churches That Help with Car Repairs for Low Income Families

Churches That Help with Car Repairs for Low Income Families

This is my complete guide to Churches That Help with Car Repairs for Low Income Families.

Having a car is a blessing. It allows any person to freely move from one place to another, without having to wait for the bus or the train to take them. It saves time, and energy and provides a safer means of transportation in big cities. However, if you have a car that is not working properly, it can ruin all the good experiences for you.

This is especially when it is in dire need of repair, which may be expensive as well. Sometimes the repairs are too expensive for people, and they often abandon the idea of getting it repaired altogether.

This is a pertinent problem with low-income families in the country. If there is a single car in the family, which has been damaged and needs repair, the burden falls upon the earning member to get it repaired.

This is why some people often search for churches that help with car repairs near me or how to pay for car repairs with no money. There are various methods through which one can collect emergency money for car repairs. They just need to look in the right direction.

If you are looking for car repair assistance or any government assistance for car repairs, you have come to the right place. Also, if you are asking where can I get my car fixed for cheap, then you have come to the perfect place. We are going to outline all possible programs, and organizations including Churches That Help With Car Repairs near me for your benefit.

Now you no longer have to worry about your car breaking down in the middle of the road because it needs urgent repairs. You don’t need to take a bus or train to work or college even after having a car at your home.

We are here to help you with it. Sometimes, people have to spend their hard-earned savings to get car repairs. This need not be done as there are multiple options through which you can cover up the repairs for free or with minimal spending.

Churches That Help with Cars Repairs

Churches That Help with Cars Repairs

If you are looking for a charitable organization that helps with car repairs, then the church should be your first consideration. Contrary to popular beliefs, churches are more than welcoming to people who need assistance of any kind. Apart from spreading love and wisdom, churches often engage in social and philanthropic activities to uplift the poor and marginalized of society.

If you are stuck in a situation and want to get help with car repair, visit your nearest church and seek out assistance from them. Even if they don’t repair the car, they will provide referrals where you can get the car repaired at a low cost.

We are listing down the names of some churches that provide assistance to low-income people.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities

Catholic charities should be your first priority when you are searching for churches that help with cars. This is because they have a history of spending a large amount on social work. The society was established in 1910 and has been working continuously to uplift the poor. They help in getting an education, paying medical bills, food, shelter, clothing etc. They almost prioritize the most vulnerable sections of society.

Catholic charities mainly work on donations and funding received from big-hearted donors. Therefore, they do not an unlimited amount to spend. They have some eligibility criteria which allow them to filter out applications for assistance. If you need help paying for car repairs, you can visit the nearest catholic charity and enquire about the same. They will be more than happy to help you, provided they have the requisite means to do so.

In order to apply for getting car repair assistance, you must visit the nearest catholic church and explain to them why you need it. You can also visit their website to learn more about the types of funding they offer and the accompanying eligibility criteria.

St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent De Paul is one of the oldest and largest churches in the country. It aims to provide aid to low-income people and marginalised communities. For doing this, they offer help in education, shelter, food, medical etc. For the last few decades, they have been successfully helping many underprivileged people across the country.

If you need auto repair help and you’re looking for churches that help with cars, St Vincent De Paul is the answer. It has a large network spread over the country, so it will be easy locating them near you. Generally, for car repair assistance to needy people, the church teams up with local car shop owners to help poor people in repairing their cars.

Anyone can apply here to get help with car repair. Volunteers also repair cars for free in this organization. If the car is damaged and some parts need replacement, then some cost has to be borne by you, however, most of the other services are done for free. Since it is a large organization, it receives funding from different sources which allows them to help the maximum number of people possible.

You can also visit the nearest church and ask for repair assistance. They may have volunteers or people they know who can help in repairing. Sometimes, unemployed people offer such services at the church in exchange for food and other assistance.

United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church

United methodist church is an organization that has been helping the poor and other communities for a long time. Apart from spreading methodian principles, their main aim is to help poor people and marginalized communities who need a helping hand. They run different programs that offer food, shelter, medical needs etc to the applicants.

They have a car repair assistance program to help low-income people. They also help in other transportation services such as giving out gas vouchers, gas cars or arranging for transportation in an emergency.

Since they have limited funding available, and a lot of applicants due to their popularity, they have set eligibility criteria. This needs to be fulfilled before you can get auto repair help.

This includes having a driving license, title papers, etc. Once these are verified, you can et the help instantly. United methodist church is one of the best churches that help with cars. They try their best to reduce the burden on you. Sometimes, the applicant needs to bear the cost of replacement parts. However, the service will be given for free.

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 The car Ministry

Don’t go by the name, the Car ministry is not some government institution of cars. It is a community church that helps people with car repair assistance. You can look for a church car repair ministry near me and you might find one of the branches in your location. They focus on low-income people and assist them with transportation needs.

The car ministry offers different kinds of assistance. These include helping people get cars and arranging transportation needs for them along with a car repair assistance program. In order to get help from here, the applicants need to have a referral from a social worker. You can also visit their official website to know about their eligibility criteria. They also provide cars for enabling people to look for jobs and get employed.

The main focus of this organization is on low-income people, therefore they may need proof from you or a social worker that you are belonging to that category. They have limited funds therefore they intend to distribute them to help the needy.

Government Assistance for Car Repairs

Government Assistance for Car Repairs

Apart from churches, government programs also focus on helping low-income people with car repair assistance. If you are looking at how to pay for car repairs with no money, and you could not find a suitable church for yourself, you can also look for government programs. Both state and federal governments have several grants and programs running if you want to get the car repaired.

With the Job Access and Reverse Commute Program, commonly known as JARC, you can get government assistance for car repairs. Additionally, you can also visit any of the government websites and look into the grant database. You may find suitable programs for yourself there.

There are different types of assistance offered by the government. These include buying new parts, servicing cars, and getting cars repaired. You can apply for different heads according to your needs.

They also help in acquiring new cars for low-income people. Sometimes, it is not guaranteed that you may get assistance because the funds available are limited, and they get a lot of applications every month. However, this must not demotivate someone to not apply.

Charitable Organizations That Help with Car Repairs

Charitable Organizations That Help with Car Repairs

Churches, government, and even charitable organizations are there to help low-income people maintain their cars in a good condition. Everyone understands that maintaining a car and repairing it at the time of damage is not an easy task, and very few people can afford it. Many people can get cars at low income, or with no credit, but maintaining them costs way extra than anticipated.

We have curated a list of charitable organizations that helps with car repairs. This will help you in getting added options if you need help paying for car repairs.

The 1-800 Charity Cars

The 1-800 Charity Cars

This is a non-profit organization established in 1996. It helps people in getting free charity cars. Usually, they are focused on enabling people to get free cars.

They do not provide car repair assistance directly, however, they can train people as car mechanics that solves many problems. Small issues in your car can be solved at home without requiring further assistance if you have been trained from here. Therefore they provide a more long term solution to cut down repair costs of your car.

The organization works on donations. They receive used cars from people and repair them to donate further to needy families. Through this network, they know people who work in the car assistance industry. They may also help you contact them and get your car repaired at a lower cost. So if you are not looking for a new car, but finding where can I get my car fixed at cheap prices, then you can ask them.

Salvation Amry Car Repair Assistance

If you are wondering does the salvation army helps with car repairs, then the answer is yes. They do help with car repairs and services. The salvation army is an international non-profit charitable organization that was established in 1865.

Since then, it has been continuously helping people upgrade their standard o living. This includes providing them with adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical assistance, education etc.

It also runs a salvation army car repair assistance program which is aimed at low-income families. You can visit the nearest salvation army branch and briefly introduce them to your problem. If you are not able to find a branch nearby, simply visit their website and enter the zip code. They will automatically filter out branches located near you.

The Salvation army especially helps veterans. So if you are a veteran and you need help in car repair assistance, the salvation army is the best option available for you out there.

The Carpenter’s Garage

Established in 2006, Carpenter’s garage is an organization that helps low-income people. It is a non-profitable organization that allows low-income people to get car repairs, servicing etc at a low cost. They provide these services at a very discounted range.

In order to avail of the discounts offered by them, you need to provide the income proof of your household. This is done by filling out the application form which is available on their website. Additionally, some details about the car owned by you also need to be given. Make sure you provide the correct gross income of the household to avail of the benefit.

Until now, they have helped more than 1500 families in getting their cars repaired at the low princess. If you are searching where can I get my car fixed for cheap then you can visit their official website. They have a detailed set of instructions about this program on their website along with the requirements of the application form.

Working Car for Working Families

Working Car for Working Families

Working car for working families is an organization that allows low-income families to acquire cars, at cheap prices, and sometimes even free. They also help in getting repairs for cars. The organization has a vast network of mechanics, and they refer the applicants to these mechanics. They are based in different locations, and you can visit the nearest one to get to know about the types of deals they offer.

They also help people get low-interest car loans for households. If you need help paying for car repairs, you can contact them and they might be able to help you out.

Lutheran Organization

It is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the standard of living of low-income families. They provide different types of assistance, including car repairs and servicing families. They focus on seniors, disabled people, students, low-income families etc. They are located in Capitol Hill, Washington.

If you need help with car repair assistance, you can visit their office and explain your problem to them. Most of the time, they offer help immediately in car repairs and servicing. If they are not able to do it themselves, they may refer you to mechanics and car repair centres that offer to do it at a discount. Either way, you can get help paying for that extra money on car repairs.

Even apart from car repairs, if you need any other help in transportation, medical, food etc, they are always present and enthusiastic about helping out people in need. You can save their contact for future contingencies as well.

Women to Work

Women to Work

Driving for women is especially important, since it not only allows them to reach their destination on time, and do their chores, but also prevents them from getting worried about their safety. Being a woman and travelling by public transport is not an easy task. This is why a car helps oftentimes.

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Women to Work is an organization that helps women in car repairs. It is an auto repair organization that helps women become independent and self-reliant. Single moms and working women are all eligible for this assistance program. All you have to do is contact the nearest branch and tell the, you need assistance with car repair.

They also provide aid for shelter, clothing, food, and groceries. They also provide help to victims of domestic violence, battered children and women among others. It is a completely independent organization that solely works toward women’s upliftment.

The Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation

The Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation

If you are looking for where can I get my car fixed for cheap, and you live in Arizona, this is the perfect organization for you. It is based in Arizona and offers a car repair assistance program to the residents.

Additionally, they offer car mechanics to individuals who can help repair the car. Thes mechanism sometimes provides its services for free, or at discounted prices. So, you can visit them and take a look at their services, and what are the requirements to be fulfilled.

The organization also provides training programs for students to get equipped with vocational tech for cars. This helps them deal with their own cars and other automobiles, along with having a skill that can be used to earn money later on.

Brevard County

Brevard County

As the name suggests, Brevard Country is based in Brevard. If you live in this place, you can apply to this organization for receiving assistance in many areas. They work for low-income people by enabling them to cut their expenses.

They also have a program for self-sufficiency which allows low-income people to earn independently and provide for their families. The organization has certain terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled before any assistance is provided. These conditions are mentioned on their website or you can directly contact them to know more about them.

If you are able to explain your problem to them, they might help you in repairing your car. If having a good car means earning a livelihood for you, then they will definitely consider helping you through their self-sufficiency program. The organization also provides help in education, job placement, uniforms, books etc. You can also ask for it for your children.

Ways to Work

Ways to work is a charitable organization that provides car repair, and car servicing assistance to people. It allows low-income people to continue with their jobs by having a good conditioned car. Usually, they help people in getting low-interest loans from banks or finance repairs for them.

You need to explain how having a repaired car will help you earn a living, or study or search for employment. If your reasons are valid, they will provide you with sufficient help either monetarily, or by repairing your car at a discounted price.

Helping Hand Ministry

Helping hand ministry is based in Atlantia, Georgia. It is an organization that provides social service to the people of this area. They are also running with an objective to help people attain self-sufficiency. For this, they target low-income people around Atlantia. They do not have very strict terms and conditions but you will have to explain your predicament to them.

To explain, you can justify getting your car repaired for a variety of reasons including going to a job, going to university, or for medical reasons. Their main aim is to help people attain financial independence and provide for their families in a meaningful way.

For this, they will consider your application if it is backed by solid reasons. You can explain to them why you need help paying for car repairs on phone, or by visiting them physically.

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

The voluntary vehicle repair program is an organization based in Arizona. Their main activities are centralized around Maricopa and Pima. Their main is to reduce emissions and enable people to lead a healthy life. They achieve this by repairing vehicles that have emission problems. The organization offers a lot of discounts on emission-related repairings.

If you want to get your car repaired, you can also visit this organization. The only condition is that the repair should be related to emissions. Their official website has all the information about their terms and conditions. You can visit it to know more about their programs. First, they run an emission test on the car and decide the amount of discount to be given to the applicant. If the problem is not emission-related, they may refuse any help.

Local Community Action Agencies

Local community action agencies can be reached if you need help paying for car repairs. It is located in different places in The US. You will not have a problem finding their branch in your city. The main aim of this community is to provide employment opportunities to low-income people and enable them to get them by offering some ancillary social services as well. These include transportation, food etc.

The agency has eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled before an applicant can be considered for any program. This differs from location to location. You can get help in repairing your car by directly seeking help from them. If they are not able to provide it, they may refer you to some mechanics who will repair the car at a discounted price. The organization gets its funding from the government.

Apart from car repairs, they also provide transportation services along with accessing low-interest loans for applicants.

Career Connection

Career connection, as the name suggests, is an organization that provides assistance is job-related prospects. It has internships programs, vocational training programs, as well as services that help applicants to get outside internships and training. It also helps people search for a job. You can visit their website to know more about the services.

Career connection also helps with the transportation needs of an individual who is seeking a job or internship. If you can justify the reason, you can also get assistance in getting your car repaired here. In the application, you have to explain why the damaged car is reducing the chances of your job, or causing an obstacle on your way.



The workforce, like some of the other organisations mentioned above, empowers individuals to get jobs and search for suitable employment opportunities. It has the aim to make people self-sufficient by having an income monthly. To date, they have helped hundreds of individuals get employment in different locations.

For doing the work, they provide services such as training, transportation, etc. They basically help people return to work in any manner. You can visit their official website to know more about it. You can apply to their program for transportation assistance and get the requisite repair for your car.

You have to justify that the car you have is damaged, which is causing hindrance to you returning to your work. You can also explain that you are finding it difficult to look for a job without a car. They may be able to help you repair it free of cost.

Veterans Administration

Being a veteran is highly respected in our country. The salvation army is not the only organisation that helps veterans get a dignified life by all means possible. Veterans administration offers veterans all kinds of help possible. This includes medicine, health, transportation, shelter etc. Generally, they are very responsible and strive to help as many veterans as possible.

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If you are a veteran, you can apply to this organization for car repair assistance. They do not need other edibility requirements. You can contact them and confirm what all needs to be done before you can get the required assistance.

Consumer Assitance Program

The consumer assistance program is based in California. They aim at improving the air quality of the state by undertaking various green initiatives. For this, they also offer to repair programs for cars. For an applicant to get assistance under this program, various specific conditions need to be followed.

If the car model owned belongs to the year 1996 or after, you can a grant of $1200 to get your car repaired. Therefore, the assistance depends on the car model year. This is because the technology after 1996 has changed. Usually, people who get these grants have emission-related problems only.

So if your car is facing emission-related problems, you can apply here. You can visit their website to know information and qualify for the terms and conditions offered.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Car Repair Assistance

Eligibility Criteria to Get Car Repair Assistance

Eligibility criteria is an often ignored yet important factor which impacts the assistance received by any applicant. Qualifying for this is very important if you want to get the required money or repairs done for your car. Eligibility criteria are set because all the organizations named above have a limited amount of funds available to them.

They cannot give away these funds on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, they filter out the applicants based on their needs, income, importance, location etc. Here are some of the most common requirements in any of the organizations we have named above.


Income is by far the most important factor that all organizations look into. Due to the paucity of funds, they do not favour helping people who have sufficient income to help themselves. They only provide assistance to people below a certain level of income. Thus, in order to receive help, you need to have income proof, which is below the amount specified by them. You will also have to show the expenses proof. Income tax documents, salary receipts, and bank reports can be shown as a way of income proof to all the organizations.

Driving License 

Having a driving license means that you are legally entitled to drive. Without this, whether or not your car needs repair does not matter. Therefore, if you go to any organization that provides repair assistance, you will have to show a valid driving license. Without it, your application will be rejected immediately. If you do not have a license by now, it is better to get it made or renewed.

Title Papers 

In order to show that the car belongs to you only, and is not borrowed or stolen, you need to show valid title papers of the car. It proves that you are the authentic owner. This document is used to verify whether you are the one who wants to receive the assistance, or if you are doing it on behalf of any other person.

Insurance Papers 

This is also a very important document that most organizations ask for. If you do not have insurance, many organizations will reject your applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions


Now that we have explained all the relevant concepts about car repair assistance, we will move forward to answering some frequently asked questions.

Which Is the Best Place to Get Cheap Car Repairs? 

There is no one particular place that can be termed as the best place to have your car repaired. However, it depends on the type of service you are looking for, and which category of applicants you belong to.

For example, for veterans, the salvation army is the best place to receive assistance as they are focused mainly on veterans. If you are a woman, women to work can be an excellent source of assistance. It depends from person to person.

For low-income people, churches can be a good palace to start. National churches have more funds and networks than local ones. Therefore, they can be helpful in the time of an emergency.

Is It Necessary to Have a Driving License for Car Repairs?

Yes, it is most certainly necessary to have a driving license if you want to get car repair assistance. Having a driving license gives you the legal right to drive, and also informs others that you are capable of driving safely on the road. Therefore, before any organization gives funding or car repair assistance, they will require a valid driving license from the applicant.

If you are going to apply for any aid for car repair, make sure you have your driving license updated.

Can I Get Money Assistance for Car Repairs?

Yes, you can get money for car repairs. Organizations like Career connection or Community Assitance can offer money to be used for repairing a car. However, most organizations offer to repair services themselves. Ideally, there should be no preference for money or instant repair services. However, you can apply to some organizations for money instead of car repair.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Car Repair Help?

Different organizations have different eligibility criteria. However, some of them have certain common ones that we have listed above. These are extremely important to note because, without them, the application can be rejected immediately.

Additionally, we will list some of them here also for your perusal.

  • A person must be 18 years of age or above.
  • He/she should have a valid driving license.
  • Valid title papers should be presented.
  • The applicant must be a citizen or a permanent resident of the US.
  • The applicant must show income proof – This is valid only for organizations that offer help based on the income of the applicant.

What Is the Total Cost of Getting the Engine Light Checked?

The total cost of getting an engine light checked depends on the circumstances. However, mostly it can be done for $100 or above. It must not exceed $150 generally.

Different mechanics charge differently. However, if you are applying for some assistance from an organization, you may receive some discounts of a few dollars. Some of the agencies also allow for free of cost engine checks.

Having a good engine is important for the overall health of your car. If the check engine light is on, make sure you get it checked.

Do Organizations Offer Free Repair?

Yes, many organizations offer free repairs. Churches are especially prone to offering free of cost services to low-income people depending upon the availability of funds.

They also refer you to mechanics and centres that can do free costly repairs to the car. You need to mention that you require free car repairs, and cannot afford to pay for the repairs yourself.

What If I Don’t Have the Title Papers for My Car?

Title papers signify that you are the true owner of the car you want to get repaired. This indicates that there is no foul play in question. Sometimes, people try to get money for stolen cars, or cars of their relatives who are themselves not eligible for the program assistance. This is stopped through the mandatory title paper requirements in almost all organizations.

Therefore, not having title papers may cause a hindrance to getting any required assistance. If your papers are misplaced or stolen, file a complaint with the local police station and then proceed with the application by informing them about the same.

The Article Comes to an End

In this article, we have tried to explain all relevant concepts related to car repair assistance. We have listed out the names of churches that offer car repairs and social service organizations that can be approached for such demands. We have also explained different eligibility criteria for churches and organizations. In the end, we have also answered some frequently asked questions to clear any remaining doubts.

Having a car does not mean that all the problems are solved. The cost of a car is not the base price paid for purchasing it. It also includes the repairing cost, servicing cost, replacement cost etc.

Not everyone can afford this. This is why it is extremely important to help people get these repairs done so that they continue to enjoy the perks of owning a car. This also helps them cut their expenses and divert them towards education, job, food or security. Overall, maintaining a budget for car repairs is extremely important, otherwise, it can shoot up through the roof.


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