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Government Assistance for Automobile and Car Repair Assistance

Government Assistance for Automobile and Car Repair Assistance

This is my complete guide to Government Assistance for Automobile and Car Repair Assistance.

A car is now officially a necessity for everyone. It helps in going to work, taking your kids to their classes, taking your parents to their doctor appointments, and of course, going on some drives with your partner. A car is no more a luxury which a few can afford. However, its value has remained very high which has barred its access to many low-income and middle-income people in this country.

If you have a car, you must be understanding how important it is. But you must also know how expensive it is to buy one, and maintain it efficiently. The maintenance of a car costs much more than people depend on. This also depends on the company you bought and the services it offers.

However, most of the time, it becomes expensive to maintain it. When your car breaks down and suffers some damage, the expenses are exceptionally high. Most low income and middle-income people cannot afford such repairs for their cars. It can lead to really stressful situations where all the chores of a household come to a standstill because of a car breaking down.

So what do you do in these situations, when your car breaks down and you do not have the requisite amount to pay for the repairs? Well, if you don’t know the answer then we have one for you. You should look out for car repair financial assistance. There is various emergency car repair assistance near me that you can look up to for help.

There are government grants for auto repair as well as private ones. All you have to do is think and choose. There are some great ways out there through which you can get financial assistance and repair your car from that money, or directly go to the mechanic and get it repaired through referrals. This makes the process of repairing cars much easier and simple for low-income people, who could not afford it initially.

In this article, we are going to tell you about various government grants for auto repair along with financial help with car repair programs that you can choose to finance your repairs.

We are also going to explain some related concepts of the same such as how to choose an organization, and what are the different eligibility criteria needed for government and private programs. In the end, we will answer some frequently asked questions to clear away all the doubts. So let’s get started.

Government Assistance for Automobile and Car Repair Assistance

Government Assistance for Automobile and Car Repair Assistance

If you are looking for how to get help with car repairs, this is the right place to come. There are some car assistance programs explained here that can help you gain some perspective on the same.

This is a section on car repair assistance for low-income people, who need financial help for repairing their cars. These programs include different sections of the society, such as car repair assistance for single moms, car repair assistance for low income etc.

The government is always ready to help you out in leading a dignified life. While it is not always under their control to reduce the prices of things that hurt your savings, they can always offer programs that help low-income people and marginalized communities. Even for car repairs, the government has programs that can help you get your car repaired for free of cost, or at very discounted prices. We are going to list some of those programs here.



Job Acess and Reverse commute, popularly known as JARC is a federal program administered by the government which provides car repair assistance to those who need it. Jarc car repair programs are very efficient and aim to help as many low-income applicants as possible. All low-income citizens can apply for the program by applying through the Jarc car repair application.

In order to function effectively, JARC has paired up with several non-profit organizations in the country on a national as well as a local basis. They provide funding to these charities, who in turn help low-income people to repair their broken cars. The program has its services scattered throughout the country.

Therefore, oftentimes applicants are not able to receive immediate financial help with car repairs. In order to get financial assistance for car repairs through this program, you will have to apply to them. After this, your application will be scrutinized, and only those people will pass through who satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Usually, the organization provides help paying for car repairs to these people whose employment prospects or earnings depend on the assistance.

Moreover, people whose cars experience recurring problems and damage are also given priority. Sometimes, if you need emergency car repair assistance near me or emergency money for car repairs you can contact them directly and know if they can help you. Due to their streamlined process, you will be able to get an answer rea quick.

This is a government-administered assistance program, therefore it focuses mainly on low-income people who are not able to maintain their cars properly. They provide car repair assistance of various kinds. Not only do they help with car repair, they also provide some of the applicants who have been selected with microcredits.

Micro credits are tokens of money that are provided to the applicant instead of real-time help to maintain their car. They don’t give mechanics etc to help repair your car, but directly provide you with some money which can be used to maintain that car in the future. Therefore, they are able to helo repair, as well as maintain the vehicle.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

Salvation army, as everyone knows, is one of the most popular charities in the country. It provides assistance to many communities including veterans, marginalized communities, low-income people and many more. It grants financial incentives, house repair helps education, and medical and car repair financial assistance to the applicants as well.

They provide car repair assistance for low-income families. You do not have to pay any money to get the car repaired. It is completely free of cost. However, since they have limited funds, you will have to satisfy their eligibility criteria. This enables them to filter out unwanted applications.

The application form of the organization is available on the website, or you can visit the nearest branch of the charity to get one. You will also have to submit other relevant documents along with the application form to get approved. These include income proofs, documents of citizenship, etc.

These are basically documents that prove you are eligible for their programs. Even if they do not have sufficient funds or means to provide for your request instantly, they will provide you with different details on auto repair assistance programs available where you can apply.

If you are a veteran or from the police department, you can get repair assistance immediately. They also provide free cars for veterans and police personnel.

All you have to do from your side is to look on their website about the eligibility criteria. If you fulfil that, and you have the necessary documents to support your claim, the chance of your application being rejected is very low. Make sure you fill in all the details correctly and do not lie on your application form.

The Carpenter’s Garage

The Carpenter’s Garage

The carpenter’s garage is also a non-profit organization that works alongside the federal government and provides various assistance to low-income people.

With the help of funds procured from the government, it provides welfare car voucher to a needy person who requires them. They also helo paying for car repairs. This is based in Vancouver and has helped many low-income people and people from marginalised communities to overcome hardships.

The car repair assistance program offered by them is not entirely free of cost and might include some charges. However, you can be assured that these charges are very low, and will not cause a dent in your expense statement for the month.

They offer different services like engine tuning, oil inspection etc at very cheap prices. They usually only charge for the labour that is being used in fixing the car.

Just like all other non-profit organizations, they also have eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled before you can avail of the benefits. Make sure you look at them on their website and apply accordingly. Make sure you have all the documents ready in place before you apply to them.

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Agencies That Offer Assistance with Car Repairs

Agencies That Offer Assistance with Car Repairs

Apart from government grants for auto repairs,  there are various agencies as well that offer support for free car repair for low-income families. If you are looking for how to pay for car repairs with no money, then these agencies might be there to help you, especially in times of emergency.

If you need to reach your work or visit somewhere urgently, and your car has broken down in between, you can always contact these agencies to help you out with auto repair assistance. We have curated a list of all such agencies that you can reach out at the time of emergency.

The Lift Garage

The Lift Garage

The lift garage is a non-profit organization, but not the normal type. It is a place which is specifically built for providing car repairs to people in need. It is a repair shop which provides assistance with car repairs free of cost, or at a very low price. They aim to help low-income people repair their cars and maintain them.

It also provides for some transportation programs such as giving out free cars which are donated to them. They also run service programs where they service and maintain your car free of cost.

Sometimes, when you don’t have enough money for car repairs, they also give money so that you are able to repair it in the best manner possible.

They run programs for low-income families so that people don’t have to worry about getting their car repaired if it is broken. The organization aims to improve the standard of living of those people who are not able to regularly repair their car, or buy a new one, but need to have a car for daily chores and work.

Just like any other charity working for low-income people, this organization also has eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled before you can get any kind of assistance from them. Once the background check is done, and you are found eligible, you can simply get the car repaired at no cost.

Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation

The auto repair good guy foundation is an organization that offers help to low-income families that are facing transportation issues in their households. People often face problems in going to work and earning due to the condition of their cars.

They are often at the risk of losing their jobs due to being late every now and then. This organization has a team of mechanics and technicians who are very skilled at their jobs. The best part is that they use their skills to help low-income people achieve a standard of dignity in their lives.

The organization is based in Arizona and provides help to people living in the area. If you belong to Arizona, they should definitely be on your list of people to call if you need assistance with car repairs.

Sometimes based on the financial condition of the applicant they also offer money for car repairs. However, in order to get this money, you will have to prove that you desperately and seriously need it.

1-800 Charity Cars

1-800 Charity Cars

1-800 charity cars, as the name suggests is an organization that provides car repair assistance to many low-income people as required. The organization works on donations provided by generous people from all over the country. It repairs these donated cars and then provides them to the needy.

If you have a spare car at home that you are not using, consider donating it to this charity. It will not only help them provide better benefits to those who need it but you will also be allowed to deduct the car value from your income tax returns.

They also provide car repair assistance programs for people. They provide servicing, repairing, engine checking etc free of cost to low-income people. Since they do not have unlimited manpower, they have eligibility criteria in place that needs to be fulfilled before you can take advantage of any services offered by them.

First, you must show that the car belongs to you. You must be a citizen of the united states as well to get benefits from them. Similarly, there are other conditions required to be fulfilled, which you can find on their website very easily.

The National Car Repair Organization

As the name suggests, the national car repair organization is a non-profit that aims to elevate the standard of living of various low-income people, by helping them out in cars. They offer emergency car repair assistance to people in nearby areas. They have other sister organizations working in different parts of the country. So if you do not have their branches near you, you can always look out for their sister organizations.

Even if you are stranded at a location and are not able to get your car repaired, they send in mechanics and engineers to check your car and repair it on the sport. They do not charge any fees for it. If your car needs to be pulled into a garage, they take care of that also.

All you have to do is apply for their program, and call them in times of emergency. Usually, their response time is very quick, and they do not hesitate to help those who are in need. If you are not in an emergency citation, then they usually have ane eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled before they can repair your car free of cost.

Helping Hand Ministry

Helping Hand Ministry

Helping hand ministry is a non-profit organization that helps people with transportation services free of cost. It is not a national organization, therefore there may be a chance that they are not present in your state.

However, they have coverage in major cities and states of the US including Atlanta and Georgia. If you belong to any of these states, you can definitely count on them to help you with financial assistance for car repairs.

You can visit their official website and see their helpline number to save it for emergency purposes. Other than this, you can also apply to them for a free car assistance program to avail of the benefits.

They work with other organizations such as the Porivsion bridge to provide access to more people. They focus on low-income people and the working class.

If you call them during an emergency, they will register a complaint and reach out to you as soon as possible. All the work done by them will be free of cost.

So if you need assistance with car repairs you can contact them in your state. They also offer other transportation services to the applicants including employment and education-related. So if you do not have a car, you can contact them to seek assistance in travelling.

Other Organizations to Get Financial Assistance for Car Repairs

Other Organizations to Get Financial Assistance for Car Repairs

If your first priority were government grants, and you were not able to get them, then you have other options available at your disposal to check out. Just like the agencies we mentioned above, there are many other organizations that provide car assistance to many people, including low-income people. They can refer you to mechanics or repair your car themselves.

These organizations include charities, local salvation army centres, churches and so much more. They don’t aim to provide car repair money only but since it is a part of having a good standard of living, they never refuse to provide assistance related to car repair as well. You can always try your luck with organizations that provide assistance with housing, education, medicines etc.

They will help you in getting financial assistance for car repairs as well. Moreover, since you are not curtailed by organizations that specifically offer car repairs, you can easily find these in your state. Most of the organizations listed here have a national presence, with multiple branches in all states. Make sure you visit them before you decide to carry on with the expense of car repairs yourself.

There are non-profit organizations such as the local credit union that provide funds to applicants. These funds can be used for a variety of purposes, including car repairs. Some of the national and local banks also provide financial help to low-income families to pay for their repair costs.

These include repairs, new tires, engine repairs, maintenance work and so much more. These banks and organizations usually run in collaboration with the federal government, therefore they have access to good funding. Their main focus area is low-income communities only.

Most of the organizations mentioned here will have their own eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled. In order to fulfil them, you must have relevant supporting documents with you as well. With banks, these may include credit history, income, expenses and much more. Many organisations also ask for other proofs such as citizenship proof, driving license, etc.

This varies from charity to charity. However, if you are a citizen of the country, and belong to a low-income section of the society, then most of these organizations are going to be ready to help you out in some way or the other.

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Working Cars for Working Families

Working Cars for Working Families

This is a national agency which helps people get transportation services free of cost, or at very cheap costs. They work for the low-income families by providing g them with free cars, or used cars. They also help low-income families by repairing their cars free of cost. Sometimes, they also help with transportation facilities, if you request them.

If there is an emergency and you do not have any means of transport with you, you can call to arrange one for yourself. They will deliver a vehicle for your disposal immediately.

You can also visit their website to know which other organizations work for car repairs as a charity. They have all the information available on their website. Make sure you go and check it out.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The NHTSA provides financial assistance for car repairs to low-income people. However, they are very particular about the type of problem your car is facing. They will scrutinize the problem themselves, and then provide you with the exact amount needed to repair the problem. You can go to their website and look for the recall options there.

Once you visit their website, you need to enter the VIN of your car. After that, you will get assistance in some form to fix the car. You can also visit a local dealership of the organization and get your car fixed free of cost. They will not charge you anything for any repair work. It is a great organization that indirectly helps people discharge their obligations and work without worrying about their car and the damage that occurs in it.

Women to Work

Women to Work

If you are a woman and looking for charities that may help you with car repair assistance, this is the best place to go. They understand that it is not always the requirement of men to get cars repaired. Sometimes, women who take responsibility for cars need car repairs too. Women belonging to low-income families especially need assistance in getting their cars repaired.

Women to work towards providing a dignified life to women who have suffered domestic abuse, women who are single mothers, widows etc. They assist with childcare, medical help, education, transportation, shelter etc. They have a website where all the information regarding their programs is available. You can visit this website to know more about the organization.

This organization especially favours car repair assistance for single moms and other women. They have eligibility criteria, which everyone needs to fulfil. However, these criteria are not very stringent, and they try to encompass as many women as possible under their umbrella of benefits.

You can also call on their helpline number and ask if they will be able to provide financial assistance for car repair in case of emergency. They are usually very helpful and quick to respond on the helpline.

 Career Connection

 Career Connection

Based in new jersey, the career connection program offers various services to low-income people. They specialise in transportation assistance which includes providing automobile insurance, repair finance etc.

They help drivers get insurance and maintain their cars as well. This organization is a local organization and they do not offer services beyond their area. Therefore, if you are from new jersey, you can try contacting them if you need any sort of them from them.

They offer mechanics who can repair your car and make it as good as new. They will also help you with your car insurance etc if you need it. However, you will have to show some documents regarding your eligibility and prove your authenticity to them to avail of their services.

Domestic Violence Transportation Program

The domestic violence transportation program, as the name suggests, helps women who are victims of abusive households. They also focus on single mothers who need help running their households and providing the best care for their children.

If you live in king county, you may contact them for free repair assistance as well. They are also based in Seattle and WA. So if you live in any of these places, you may reach them for help.

They understand how difficult it is to live as a victim of domestic violence. This is why they empower women to leave such abusive households and be independent.

However, it is always easier said than done. Women need extra support especially when they had to quit their careers because of their kids. Oftentimes, women face extra trauma in living independently, which is why there are special societies and churches that help them lead a dignified and happy life with their children.

The above-mentioned organizations are purely national and local charities that focus on different social activities including car repairs. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman, man etc. Everyone is eligible.

Usually, they focus on low-income people and try to enhance their standard of living/ They help with auto repairs to make their lives easier, enabling them to go to work. They also help with car insurance, car loans with low interest, and giving out used free cars to the needy.

Churches That Help with Car Repairs

Churches That Help with Car Repairs

Yes, we have unlimited options for free car repairs. Not only the government but there are also charities, agencies and even churches that help in car repairs for low-income people. Everyone who owns a car requires financial assistance to repair it once it gets damaged, specially when the belongs to low-income families.

There are many regional charities and churches that help people in getting their cars repaired. They also have programs to offer free cars to the needy.

Some of these societies, such as auto resources Seattle help people in getting a used car for free. Some of them also offer financial grants for repair and for buying a new car. Ultimately, it all depends upon the eligibility requirements which need to be satisfied by each applicant.

Even if these charities are not able to help you with a new car or huge financial grants, they will surely provide you with enough money or help to resolve your problems. So you can count on them to some level. There are some regional churches and organizations that provide free repair services to everyone.

Sometimes they also refer you to local garages, where you can get your car repaired at low prices. Here are some of the charities that may help you with the same.

United Methodist Church Ministries

United Methodist Church Ministries

United Methodist Church ministry is a church and a regional faith-based organization which works for the welfare of people along with spreading the message of God. They have volunteers in their branches that offer to repair cars for free. If you are not able to get help from the government, you can always count on this church to help you out.

Sometimes, if someone donates cars to them, they donate them further to people who need them. The repairs done by them are totally free of cost, and the owner only needs to pay for the amount which was spent in buying a new part for the car, if required due to damage. Most of their services depend upon the availability of funds.

If you live in an area where this church has its branch, you can always go to them and seek help. The only thing you need to do is to show them that you cannot afford to repair the car yourself, or that it will cost you too much money if you repair it in the market at normal prices. If they have volunteers available they may get your car repaired. Otherwise, they can also refer youtube local mechanics who will do the same at a discounted price.

Vincent De Paul

Vincent De Paul, as everyone knows, is one of the largest churches in the country. It provides help to low-income people and marginalized communities. Apart from spreading the wisdom of god, they intend to make the lives of people better in any way possible and increase their standard of living. They help people in resolving their transportation issues as well.

The church has connections with many local car repair centres in the city they are located. They refer people who come to them for help to these centres. Here, repairs are done at a very low cost, or sometimes even free. If the car repair program is free, the owner has to pay for the charges of the parts that were replaced during the process. Otherwise, all labour charges are forgiven.

In this way, they help people who do not have sufficient income to get their cars repaired. You can contact them by phone, or visit them personally to seek help with car repairs.

The Car Ministry Program

The car ministry program is being offered at local charities and churches. If people who qualify for them ask for help, they are given free transportation services along with free repair services for their damaged cars as we. Members of this program often donate used cars to the charity, which are given to low-income people forming a part of the charity.

They focus on low-income people, and offer many services in car repairs including new tires, replacing parts, engine checking etc. You can contact them and visit them personally to know more about their repair programs, and how you can avail the benefits of the same.

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Lutheran Services

Lutheran Services

Lutheran services have one of the best networks of social service organizations across the country. They aim to uplift low-income people by providing them with financial incentives and grants.

They have paired up with different churches, non-profit organizations etc from where they provide all the help that is required. They also provide transportation-related services to low-income people.

Since they are a non-profit organization, they have eligibility criteria which differ from state to state. This is mentioned on their website. Before applying for any kind of benefit, make sure you have checked the state-specific eligibility criteria and fulfilled them. Some of them also work on referrals and will refer you to mechanics who repair cars, if you are eligible for the same.

They also offer donated cars to applicants from low-income families. You need to show that you will not be able to buy a car of your own, and you need it for living a dignified life.

Even if they are not able to help you personally, they will refer you to other organizations that may accept your application. Moreover, they also have a network of mechanics that are more than happy to repair your car free of cost, or at a very low price.

These are some of the churches and organizations that work towards the upliftment of the poor by providing them with free car repair assistance and transportation aids. However, make sure you check out their eligibility criteria before seeking out help from the,. This will save your time and their time as well. Once you check the criteria, also make sure that you have all the documents required for authenticating your claims.

Eligibility Criteria for Car Repair Foundations

Eligibility Criteria for Car Repair Foundations

As we have repeatedly told above, eligibility criteria is a very important thing to be kept in mind before you apply for any car assistance grant, whether it is governmental or private or church. All of them have different eligibility criteria and failing any of it will disqualify your application in an instant.

Even providing fake or forged documents may lead you to a lifetime ban from the organization. This is why it is extremely crucial that you read the information regarding this on the website of the foundation you are trying to get help from.

To make it easier for you and give you an overall impression, we have listed some of the most common eligibility criteria that you can expect to find anywhere you go. This is irrespective of the type of organization you are going. It can be governmental, church or any non-profit as well.

Citizen of the United States

It is very important that you must have proof that you are a citizen of the country, and have a permanent residence here. This is because there are different schemes for legal migrants, and usually, those are not mixed with the ones for citizens alone. Therefore, you must have your identification ready when you apply.

Car Title Papers

No one would agree to repair a car that is stolen, or that doesn’t belong to you. Therefore, if you are seeking financial assistance for car repairs from any organization make sure you have title papers of the car with you while you apply. You can either email them these papers or show them physically. This way they will know that the car belongs to you only, and it has not been obtained by illegal means.

Insurance Papers

most churches and organizations ask for insurance papers as well. They need this to ensure that you have insurance, and you will be able to cover some big costs that cannot be covered by the charity.

Above 18 Years of Age

This is also very important. No governmental grant, charity or non-profit will assist a driver who is less than 18 years of age because it is illegal. People below 18 years are not allowed to drive, therefore, you must have attained the age.

A Valid Driving License

In addition to being 18, you must also possess a valid driving license which is updated and renewed. This way, the organization will know that you are legally allowed to drive, and not barred from driving due to any mishap or illegal activity. Make sure you have your driving license with you when you apply for the organization.

Income Statement

Since most of the programs are for low-income people, this is by far the most important eligibility criteria that you must satisfy to get any kind of repair help for your car. For this, you can show your salary receipts, income tax returns, credit history etc. If you are a part of any federal assistance program for low-income people, you can also show that.

These are some of the most important eligibility criteria, that will ensure you enter the programs and get benefit from them. You must have documents that support you qualify all these points mentioned above.

These documents must be original, and not photocopied or forged. For additional information, you must visit the website of the organization where you want to apply. There you will find specific terms that must be adhered to before an application can be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Apply to JARC?

Applying to JARC is very easy. They have an application form which needs to be filled with utmost diligence. Additionally, you will have to check the locations where JARC is functioning near you, and choose the one which provides such repair services. They have a list of areas where they provide these services on their website.

You can visit their website and check if your locality or town comes on that list. If it is featured, then you can easily fill out the form and contact them for car repair financial assistance.

Moreover,  you can also get in touch with them through the 211 hotline number.

How to Enrol for DHS Car Repair Assistance?

You have to visit their website and see which programs are being offered by them these days. Usually, their programs keep changing subject to prevailing conditions.

If you want to enrol in car repair assistance programs, you need to submit your personal details, your income proof, residence proof, family status, car papers etc. You might also have to disclose whether you are a part of any other federal scheme or not. Additionally, you might also have to submit a detailed application according to the deadline, so make sure you keep an eye on the website for it.

How to Get Money for Car Repairs?

Apart from the government grants, churches and other non-profits working for car repair assistance, there are methods where you can earn some extra money. You can repair your car from your savings, and then use it as an advertising vehicle to earn some extra work while you go to work.

There are organizations that pay to advertise their products on vehicles. All you have to do is complete some miles. You can then cover the cost of repairs through these extra bucks. Even if you don’t need money for car repairs, you can still seek out such options to earn some extra money and sponsor some desires you might have.

Can I Be Eligible If I Do Not Have Title Papers?

Mostly, no. You cannot be eligible if you do not have title papers for the car you want to get repaired. However, if your title papers are lost you can register a complaint with the authorities and then show the receipt of that complaint to organization you are applying to.

Maybe they will help you out in such cases. Make sure you are able to show that you have an authentic title to the car, otherwise your application will get rejected.

Do Car Companies Also Help in Car Repair Financial Assistance? 

Yes, there are certain car companies that help low-income people repair their cars free of cost. High-end luxurious companies do not have these policies, however, normal common cars and their companies have such policies. You can contact your own car company and explain to them your situation.

Maybe they will help you, subject to conditions. However, even here you may have to prove that you have the title and you belong to a low-income group.

What Is the Income Limit for Car Repair Assistance?

There is no correct answer to this question. All charities and organizations have different limits. Some of them are higher while some of them are lower. It depends upon the state they are based on as well. Usually, you can go and check out the income limit for government programs on their website.

The income limit of non-profit organizations usually remains the same, or close to this range. Note there may not be many variations from the government-provided income limit.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

As we have explained above, the eligibility criteria for each organization are different. It also differs from state to state. However, usually, you must be a citizen of the country, you must be from a low-income category, etc. We have explained the eligibility criteria in the section above. You can refer to that for greater details.

One thing must be noted, in order to ensure that your application does not get rejected, make sure that you satisfy the eligibility criteria of the place you are applying to. They put these restrictions so that they can reject applicants that are not in urgent need of help. However, if you don’t want to be rejected, make sure you have all the documents ready.

The Article Comes to an End

Having a car is a blessing, even though everyone knows how it has become a necessity for everyone. However, maintaining it is a task. Especially for low-income people, it becomes difficult to manage the expenses that come with maintaining it. On top of that, having a broken car is even a bigger headache.

In such circumstances, we hope that the above-mentioned information will be helpful. You can get grants, financial help and free repair assistance from the organizations that we have mentioned above.

We have also explained the eligibility criteria that are basic in all organizations. There may be more conditions, depending on the organization. We have also answered all the frequently asked questions so that no doubts remain. We hope after this, you got to know everything you wanted regarding financial assistance for car repairs.

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